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Check the cacheability of your webpage

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Play Free Games - NabiscoWorld My Mom seems to think that this site is "the bomb!", anyway, it is a GREAT time waster :)

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HowardForums: Your Mobile Phone Community & Resource - T-Mobile.HowardForums.com A great Forum for T-Mobile users (I was searching for it because they changed my operator logo, and I didn't know what the MNC was changed to--It is 26 (MCC : 310 MNC : 26), this forum is great!

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Hybrid Electric Vehicles Doing some research on the Tax credits I'll earn for buying my Honda Civic Hybrid in January, looks like I get at least $2000! Pretty cool for just doing my part to conserve the environment.

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UltraVNC The Best VNC out there (now with DSM Plugin support--use the RC4Plugin to get encrypted VPN sessions).

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Foundstone, Inc.® Strategic Security, FREE TOOLS BEST DARN FREE IP TOOLS ON THE NET! (well, at least that's how I feel today, I needed to download superscan).

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About the funniest dumbest thing I've seen college kids do They build radio controls into a car, then go out to the desert for some RC fun.... And it's pretty funny.

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Key Ingredients : America By Food Some site my mom told me about... They will be coming to West Valley City (by SLC), Utah next year....

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GAMES GAMES GAMES--Not computer games board games, word games, party games, fun games, this site has all the games that are FREE (you might have to create some game pieces for some games), really amazing, creative site!

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Chad, my brother, received a mission call yesterday to go to Bilbao Spain. He will be leaving on January 7th (and will be gone for 2 years).

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XE.com - The Interactive Currency Table (tm) get your international currency quotes here :)

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Why VHS was better than Betamax Brutal...

Quote: VHS won because "the whole product" did what people wanted at a price they were willing to pay.

Even though I think Betamax was superior, here is a site that explains "was it really superior", pretty enlightening.

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Paint by Numbers Home Page This is a VERY good page that has a type of puzzle (I would ALMOST call it a logic puzzle with pixels) that is so addictive!!

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This website will monitor your credit so that if anyone tries to get a credit card in your name, you will get notified. It is a great service.

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Dr. Matrix' Web World of Science I bumped into this site, maybe I will go here again...

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this is my friend Mark's Verbosities weblog I think that he is even cooler than me, and he has some crazy websites to visit.... So what are you waiting for!!??

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