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How-to-bow Interesting notes on some aspects of Japanese culture. Unfortunately I don't have enough time to go through the whole thing in one sitting, what I did manage to make it through is very interesting.

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NOVELL: Support

Do you use the new Novell Support site: www.novell.com/support/ some time ago they made changes to their CORE search engine, and now they have made some dramatic changes to the website.... SO dramatic, that you can barely notice them :) There is now a " My Support " link, where you can " Edit Profile " and do such things as Displaying Results with TITLE AND SYNOPSIS (instead of just Title ONLY), displaying up to 50 results per page! Adding favorite "Products" to your Recently Added Contents list, and your What's Popular list. This new functionality will be demonstrated at Brainshare this coming week. Are you going to be there? Look for me at the "Novell Support Web" table Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday from 10:15A-12:45P... If you're not going to be there, at least check out the Novell Support website, they now use PLAIN LANGUAGE searching!!!

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So.... I'm contemplating the internet... and my previous post, and Mark's comments, and I'm thinking to myself... Although the numbers are weird... It's NOT the numbers that are so weird to me, but simply the LACK of people that MENTION the numbers on the Net (compared to the 727 MILLION that are a fan of the "Lost" numbers "4 8 15 etc.)
17T5060 [missing set, thanks to Mark; nothing on Google]
51N9406 [Also, nothing on Google--You missed one MR ISIU]
39L7284 [missing set, thanks to Mark; nothing on Google]

That is what I find so odd. It's like making a discovery that only one other person has made, it's... A strange sensation to think that in an age where people are "Freeze framing" EVERYTHING, that something got by the "masses". Maybe it's just me, I'm the type of person that does that, like when someone is reading a newspaper on TV, yes, I Pause it, and read the newspaper too.. Very funny stuff sometimes, like a paragraph that repeats itself (in case the TV watcher only has 3 seconds to pick any random paragraph, and read only 2 sentences).. So, am I the weird one? There has to be plenty of other people that don't just pause Lost, C'mon Freeze Frame Fans... UNITE :)

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I was curious about the numb3rs I'd been seeing, freeze-framed them, googled them and arrived at your post.
Thanks Anonymous!
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ISIU ...Something weird.... I don't get this, and it's really odd... I was watching NUMB3RS on CBS, and at the very end, just before they cut to the trailing "NUMB3RS" thing, there was this ?"CODE"? maybe? "06S4951 95R3840 84Q2739 73P1628 62O0517 51N9406 40M8395" And the weird thing, is that if you google for any one of the 7 sets of characters EXCEPT for "51N9406", you get a link to this page. And what's even STRANGER than that... Is that this page has been around since 2004 (Check the Wayback Machine)... Wait, maybe that's not so strange... (maybe the show has been out that long). But no pages on the internet link to this? THAT'S WEIRD!! (Take LOST for example, there are 427,000,000 pages that link to "4 8 15 16 23 42" --The "Lost" Numbers)... But only ONE page that links to 06S4951 95R3840 84Q2739 73P1628 62O0517 51N9406 40M8395, well let me make it more accurate, one page that links to 06S4951 95R3840 84Q2739 73P1628 62O0517 40M8395 THAT'S JUST PLAIN STRANGE. (ie, ANYONE with a DVR, TiVo, VCR with Freeze/Step, ETC. can pause the end of NUMB3RS to see this... But no one has Blogged it yet, no one has written about it on any forums... I guess the "Lost" fans are more... Hmm.. Can't think of a "Politically correct" way of saying it. Anyway, now maybe there will be two pages that link to 06S4951 95R3840 84Q2739 73P1628 62O0517 40M8395 PS--If anyone from the writing crew of NUMB3RS happens to stop by here (Because of hopefully Googling this--And maybe this page will actually get spidered), Props to you. NUMB3RS is a great show--KEEP UP THE AWESOME WORK!!!!

So my friend Mark, Verbosities made some VERY interesting discoveries... and added them as comments, noted below. Thanks Mark, this actually makes the numbers ALMOST make sense :) I didn't even pay attention to the numbers existing or not on the wayback--Thanks for pointing that out too...

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Put the numbers is a list. Now read each column of characters starting at the bottom and going up.


This might be a code of some sort, or it might be the solution to a puzzle. If it's the latter, then I suspect that the web page you found contains the puzzle and the show contains the answer.
There are two versions of the web page in the Wayback Machine, 2004.10.09 and 2005.02.06. Neither one of them contains the codes.

I suspect that the author of the web page is a fan of Numbers and recently added the codes to his page. Whether the one code was omitted accidently or intentionally, I can't say.

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How to Make Use of a Failed Coconut Cream Pie - WikiHow And to think! For all these years I was just throwing out those "Failed" coconut creams...

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Windows Defender home Did I already Blog this? I can't remember... Anyway, I've been using Windows Defender (Free from Microsoft) for a few weeks now, I really like it, and I recommend it to YOU! :)

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