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Vonage, So, I got my first bill from Vonage. Can you say "WOW"! $27.72 AFTER all the taxes, fees, etc. Now... Keep in mind, this INCLUDES, Call waiting, Caller ID, Call forwarding, 3-way calling, Simul-ring (Ring up to 5 additional phones at the SAME time as your Vonage phone, and whichever phone you pick up first "takes" the call), PLUS VOICEMAIL--AND they will even email you your voicemails, AND include the voicemail as a WAVE FILE ATTACHMENT!!! --Yes, all this (and more) for only $27.72!! --Can you beat that? If you can, then you are either lacking in features, or service. Vonage is.... Dare I use a cliche.... "Simply the best!".

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I just quit vonage. It was OK in its day, but quickly getting superseded by other competitors, such as the Magic Jack and smartphones which can do the same thing and much much more, including Internet browsing and everything else Vonage can't provide. They're cheaper too. In all truth, I never found Vonage's reception ever to be very good. I though Primus was a lot better in terms of reception. I won't ever be going back to Vonage. I just parked my phone number there until the smart phones came down in price, and when they did, that's when I decided to jump.
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Operators Standing By I know that many of you on my mailing list are offended by "bad language" so, in advance of this--DO NOT CLICK ON THIS LINK (Especially if the overuse of the "F-Word" offends you). Anyway, I am always entertained by sites that are related to telephone customer service, why.. Well because I used to be involved in telephone customer service, and I can usually relate.. Anyway, this has to be the most extensive collection of "stupid people" (ie customers that are stupid calling a telephone rep with quite a jaded view on stupid people in general). I am amazed that one person has had this many experiences with stupid people... For those of you not offended by the language, I'm sure that you will find the writeup of embarrassingly stupid people, QUITE HUMOROUS!!

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Postage Paid Envelope Revenge Oh yeah, I forgot to mention what you can do with those postage paid envelopes.... In actuality, the post office doesn't have to accept a "brick" they can treat it as waste, but if you fill the envelope with newspaper, other junkmail, etc, that is perfectly fine and legal. If you want to know what you SHOULDN'T MAIL, see the law yourself: http://www4.law.cornell.edu/uscode/html/uscode39/usc_sec_39_00003001----000-.html

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Barcode with 0016542323019 So, are you tired of the capital one credit card offers? Well, I wanted to share with you a secret.... 0016542323019 That's right... 0016542323019 What is that you say... Well, just look at the back of the envelope: CUSTOMER LOCATOR CODE |||||||||||| 0016542323019 and under that a "warning": WARNING TAMPERING WITH THIS ENVELOPE OR ITS CONTENTS MAY RESULT IN LEGAL ACTION" Well, guess what? 0016542323019 isn't just MY PERSONAL "Customer locator code", it's YOURS TOO!!!

(2) comment(s):
Awesome. I just popped in the insert they sent along with the return envelope barcoded with the 0016542323019 on it and sent it back to them. Hmmmm.. . . I wonder if they will actually have to pay the return postage???

Yep, they are just trying to scare people into not sending the envelope filled with garbage. I do what others do: Fill it with other non-identifying junk mail, usually credit card offers from OTHER companies ;) and mail it right back!
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Channel Frederator saw this on G4. Basically, it's a weekly animation show (I'm not going to use the word podcast, because you DON'T need a "pod" to view it---GOOGLE VIDEO is better!!). Anyway, check it out.

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BlogShares - SKye's Blog I STILL have no idea what BlogShares is all about (looks like a game or something), but I notice that some of my hits (quite a few from last week) are now coming from BlogShares, so WELCOME BLOGSHARE INVESTORS (if that is even right? Who are you blogshare people? Comments? please add them--Will you add them if I say PRETTY PLEASE!!)

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