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Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS) I searched... It isn't there.. HEHE.. Only $275 or so, to trademark the name to your new invention. I think I'll call mine "Steve". (as long as I don't use it on clothing--that is taken by registration# 1459352)

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VideoHelp.com - DVD Player Hack List A VERY good place to search for the codes to make your DVDPlayer Region Free (or remove Macrovision). Since my wife is Norwegian her family sometimes sends DVDs to my daughters (to help them learn the language, mind you), so for no other reason then this, I would like to play DVDs from Norway. You, however, may have your own reasons for wanting to play DVDs from other regions, and the website listed is a great place to look for codes.

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Flightview ::: Travel Tools This is really fun when you want to see the plane of someone you know as it is flying through the air. The FlightView Live is delayed 15 minutes, but it is pretty cool to see. I have used this numererous times to track friend's planes as they are coming into the airport nearby. I like how it updates the arrival time too because that lets you know if they are coming in early or late. Anyway, check it out sometime, if you don't have any friends flying, you can click HERE and it will show you some random flight. Pretty cool, huh?

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Baen Free Library - This is the BEST explanation of "why worry about online piracy" that I have ever read!! --Granted this is just for books... But I think the same thing can be said for movies and music (Imagine yourself standing in front of a library and calling the book borrowers "THIEVES", or imagine yourself standing in front of a video store calling the renters "MOVIE STEALERS!!") --it's silly, but it is the same thing as piracy, if I rent a movie, or borrow a book---IF IT'S GOOD ENOUGH, I'll probably buy it, but if it isn't good enough, I probably won't. Do you feel like every time you listen to the radio that you are "STEALING MUSIC" well, unless you buy that artists CD you really are--but it is legal. HOWEVER, if you like that song enough, then don't you go and buy it? --okay, so maybe you download it illegally... and maybe you download ALL the songs by that same artist--eventually you will either buy the CD (if it's good enough), OR you will go to the concert by that artist... Why, well because you liked their music---But you never would have been exposed to their music without first hearing it on the radio... FOR FREE.. BTW, I DO NOT download movies or music off of the internet, but that's because I can rent as many movies as I want from Hollywood video for one low monthly price. --OH, and HEY, [moviemakers], if the movie is THAT GOOD--Guess what.. I will buy it. --But if you think that stopping people from downloading stuff "illegally" is helping you-------It ISN'T!

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