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The Celestine Prophecy Movie

So, I saw a very intriguing movie yesterday, The Celestine Prophecy Movie, I'm not sure how to describe it, however, I will recommend it. Is it a little cheesy, well, yes, is it entertaining, I'd like to think so. But it is really one of those "feel good" type movies where you might have a shift in the way you feel, and view the world. Don't worry if you don't though... But you can always go to the two 'Official' websites: The Celestine Prophecy Movie and http://celestinevision.com/

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Change Detection

I think I'm changing my page to not use Cool Lists anymore (because I'm pretty certain that they are broken), So, I'm experimenting with: changedetection.com I will run this myself for a couple of days to get down the process, and I will email everyone on my coollist to let them know how to sign up for the new change detection page. Anyway, thanks to all the subscribers to my blog, I'm glad to see so many return visitors.

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"May the 4th, 1961"

The event happened on "May the 4th, 1961" at 1:20 PM. May 4th 1961? Why? Why 1:20 PM? (Here's a hint: "The lost room"). Interesting.

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War of the Worlds

So I finally finished reading "War of the Worlds" the original H. G. Wells version. It was very interesting, I have to admit when I saw the Tom Cruise War of the Worlds movie, I was really put out by the red weed stuff growing everywhere, I thought they took a lot of liberty because I couldn't imagine that it was in the book (as well as the pods that carry the people), surprisingly it held rather close to the book really REALLY close, the beginning and ending of the movie I thought were so eloquent (when the one guy narrates--yeah, I don't remember names very well, seems to me it was Morgan Freeman or something), anyway I also thought they took some Hollywood liberties with the movie... little did I know.. Sometime you REALLY SHOULD READ THE BOOK!! Anyway, it was a cool book (cool movie) and now I know that they did a really good job honoring H. G. Wells. You can read it here
for free. You should check out all the books on the Gutenberg website. (oh, yeah, did I mention that they are free??? --Of course I did)

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