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Custom PC's by Puget; Mineral Oil Submerged Computer

Custom PC's by Puget; Mineral Oil Submerged Computer My friend Ross pointed me to this, It's a pretty cool computer (literally ) that looks like a fish aquarium, the purpose of it is to be awesome :) But at the same time, it actually lets the computer run at lower temperatures than it would if it was in the "air". Anyway, I hope you enjoy. (if you don't want to read about it, then I'll just post the video here):

--Thanks Ross

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Money As Debt

Money As Debt

Here is the video that I have been looking for since I viewed it (my previous post reminded me to take another stab at finding it). This is a down-to-earth look at where money comes from, how debt is "created", and in essence, how MONEY IS CREATED. I TRULY believe that the American economy IS GOING TO COLLAPSE, it is NOT a matter of IF, but of WHEN (it MIGHT not even be in my lifetime). However, this video is VERY AMAZING, it is long, but it needs to be watched.. here you go:

(2) comment(s):
Lemme just take this opportunity to say, YIKES.

And if you listen to this,

it sure sounds like it's all started.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go hide under the bed.

Thanks for your comment, I'm listening to it now. Very informative program (so far), thank you!
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YouTube - The inevitable collapse of the dollar

- The inevitable collapse of the dollar -

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Happy PI Day 2008



Not sure why such simple things seem to entertain me sometimes, but they do. Thanks again to BoingBoing.Com for posting something that I had to post myself so that I can see it when I need a great laugh, here it is:

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um, were you one of the singers? i wouldn't be surprised...
Nope, I wasn't one of the singers. The credits are at the end: Brandom M. Dennis and Mark Pfaff. Thanks for the compliment though.
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What Scotty from Star Trek Can Teach Us About Managing Expectations - Scott Vandehey's Blog

What Scotty from Star Trek Can Teach Us About Managing Expectations - Scott Vandehey's Blog This was a great analysis by Scott Vandehey, and I have to admit, sometimes I "Startrek" my estimates, but only by a factor of 1.1-1.5 (NEVER by a factor of 4). I do enjoy being on-time and under-budget, but I'm not quite a miracle worker, but I love the comments from Scotty:

Scotty: “Starfleet captains are like children. They want everything right now and they want it their way. But the secret is to give them only what they need, not what they want.”
Geordi: “Yeah, well, I told the captain I’d have this analysis done in an hour.”
Scotty: “How long will it really take?”
Geordi: “An hour.”
Scotty: “You didn’t tell him now long it would really take, did you?”
Geordi: “Of course I did.”
Scotty: “Laddie, you got a lot to learn if you want people to think of you as a miracle worker!”
– From the Next Generation episode “Relics”

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