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Welcome KyeLin ChristiAnne to the world

Current mood: productive

Pictures are here:


KyeLin ChristiAnne, born Tuesday May 27th at 8:06 (despite the rumors of 8:05), she weighed 7 lbs 14 oz (3,582 gr), and was 19.5 inches long (49.5 cm). Anniche had minor complications with the c-section (lost more blood than normal, no transfusion was necessary), and baby and momma are doing GREAT today.

KyeLee and KyeAnne are very happy about their new sister KyeLin

Thanks everyone for your love and support (Especially my Momma, and my sister Brenda for watching the girls) --thanks so much!

(12) comment(s):
Congratulations Skye! Best of luck and my prayers of a happy and heathy life for your family :o )


Thanks Robin! I hope that you and your family are doing well. Take care,


Thanks for sharing. She is just beautiful! I am glad everyone is doing well.
Hey SKye, she as cute as expected. Well done and all the best !
Fantastisk vakker jente. Gratulere sa mye. Kos dere masse med den lille.

Congratulatios. A beautiful girl.
Hugs from Janett in Norway

Congratulatios. So Happy, A Beautiful Angel!!
Congratulations SKye- she is beautiful. You should post a similar picture of her sisters so that we can see the similarities.
Wow! #3, SKye! Congrats!! Are you done with the Kye names yet? ;-)
we ARE done with the Kye names :) (but it sure makes it easy to say "C'mon you Kye's" LOL) KyeLin is actually our last child (unless the doctor messed up the tubal ligation, if so, and if it were to be a boy it would be: KyeEel Christian Jacob --but we'd call him CJ because I have in my family/extended-family a DJ and a TJ, if it were to be a girl then we'd have to name her something like KyeMai RoseLee or KyeMay RosaLee--let's just hope, for the sake of the poor childre, that the doctor took care of everything) :) Thanks. Thanks everyone for your comments as well.
Congrats you guys. She is so cute. Just like the other girls. I love her name but it is a tongue twister to say. I love you all and I am glad that everyone is home safe.


She's beautiful. Congratulations!
Thanks Everyone, you guys are awesome. One of the funniest comments I've received was from a friend at work Todd A., his comment was: "congrats to you and your wife. She's very cute...but probably too young to be eating cookies..."
That's funny, because I TRIED not to get the cookie in the picture, but that was the only one that really turned out, so there it is, two of the greatest loves of my life (among others), my daughter, and chocolate chip cookies---LOL. Thanks again everyone.

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Again and Again: The OS X desktop as music video - Boing Boing Gadgets

Again and Again: The OS X desktop as music video - Boing Boing Gadgets

wow.. [I still don't like Macs, but this is a cool video, and the song is really enchanting/haunting and slightly OCD]

OH, and to be fair to WinXP users (yes, like me), here's the XP version, it's ALMOST as good as the Mac version, only because the XP version is MORE realistic!!!

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YouTube - Authors@Google: Michael Pollan

This is a great video about food (like what kind of foods to eat), I thought of all of you (and your quest about eating "healthy" (or healthier)), this guy [Michael Pollan] has a lot of great things to say, and if nothing else, it makes you think a little bit.

One of his statements was about CSAs, I had never heard of this, but you can find a list of them in Utah at:

http://www.localharvest.org/search-csa.jsp?scale=&lat=&lon=&x=&y=&ty=6&zip=&st=47&but.x=27&but.y=11 (or you can go to localharvest.org and put in your zip to show you closer ones)

Anyway, hopefully you have the time to see the video, it is very enlightening (in a good way).

---Do I follow this guy's advice? No; HOWEVER, I do take a little more consideration every day and do to some extent TRY to eat better foods. Maybe you will too? Nonetheless, I LOVE how Michael debunks a lot of the "Food Myths" (like eat no fat, or eat no carbs, or eat no sugars, or eat no proteins, etc)

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EERE Consumer's Guide: Your Home

EERE Consumer's Guide: Your Home
A guide to energy efficiency in your home (a non-biased GOVERNMENT website, explaining some of the options and alternatives to making your home more energy efficient)

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Next Big Future

Next Big Future Articles so advanced they probably go over your head ;) Nah, just kidding; This webpage has some great topics/articles on technology, solar power, physics, nanotech, energy, environment, etc, all future based or technologies in the works---stuff that will make you glad that you are alive, and asking the question: "When can I/we get this, I/we needed it YESTERDAY!!!" Hope you enjoy.

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