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AA Battery Test - - PopPhotoJune 2008

AA Battery Test - - PopPhotoJune 2008 Are the more expensive batteries, really the cheapest? (fine, they are; but now you can see independant proof).

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4 girls

At Amy's request ["You should post a similar picture of her sisters so that we can see the similarities"], here are the 3 girls (and a picture of the 4 girls together):

(link to the pictures: http://picasaweb.google.com/dskye.hodges/4Girls for a better side-by-side comparison)

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I'm not one to really act like a movie critic or anything, but after watching about 1,000 movies over the past year-and-a-half or so (no exaggeration, the other week the clerk looked at the computer and remarked that I was 30 away from 1,000 since joining Hollywood MVP), anyway, after seeing about 1,000 movies, I feel I can speak a little bit about a great movie I just saw: "Partition"

(click the link to see who's in it, and what it is about). Anyway, there are some people that don't like the movie, and a lot that do. But I can say it is certainly one of the more moving and well shot movies I've seen in quite a while. I really enjoyed it, and yes, I am slightly biased (it does have Kristin Kreuk), but nonetheless I thought it was a great movie. If I see anymore that move me enough to post about, I might actually post about them too (most movies are "shallow" entertainment, and I like to be entertained, but I wouldn't necessarily recommend them to a friend, this is a movie worth a recommendation) let's call this four-and-a-half stars (not 5, because judging against the best movie ever [no hints as to what I consider that to be], this one rates 4.5)

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KinderJoy from Sascha in Germany


The Treo 755p

So, I've had a Treo for almost 3.5 years now, my first was the Treo 650, I got that on my Birthday (Feb 9th) 2005, it was a great little phone, and wonderful Palm. I "upgraded" to the Treo 755p almost a year ago (July 04th, to be exact), and switched providers from Cingular/AT&T/New AT&T/whatever their name is, to Sprint, because of 2 things, #1, Sprint has the EDGE network (downloads are about 3 times faster on Sprint), and #2 because Sprint's UNLIMITED DATA plan is about $15 (All the others are around $40, or at least they were in July of 2007). I realize that for some people, the BIG news right now is the $199 8-gig, 3G Apple iPhone (or $299 for the 16-gig), with a $30 dataplan.... But, the only thing I like about the iPhone is the Palm Emulator software (Thus I could run all my existing Palm apps on an iPhone), other than that, it's no big news to me.

So, I just finished writing a review about the Palm Treo 755p, and thought, I might as well post it to my blog as well...

This phone is simply the best. I use it to sync my corporate email, contacts, calendar, and tasks. It syncs every 5 minutes, and I ALWAYS have enough batterylife to get through the day. It's a LiOn battery which has no memory effect, thus I plug it in every night, and have seen no degradation in performance over the last year (in theory it should cycle 300-500 times: http://www.batteryuniversity.com/parttwo-34.htm) I've been a Palm fan since Palm II and sometimes I wish for the graffiti back, but I've downloaded a program called Graffiti Anywhere, and that helps for those times I'd rather write than type. The greatest thing about Palms, is the amount of FREE software available: http://freewarepalm.com/ as an example I could never get this much software for a Blackberry, or even an iPhone, without being nickeled and dimed for every little app (maybe the iPhone will get more free software over the next 5 years). Sprints data network is SOLID, I can easily DL 1 meg of data in UNDER a minute. I have an external Bluetooth GPS device that works great with Telenav--I bought a 3-5 year subscription via Telenav which makes it about $5/month instead of $10 thru Sprint. Although, hopefully Google Maps will work with a GPS on Palm sometime in the future. There are a lot of things that probably could be quicker, but when you think of everything this phone can do, waiting 1 or 2 seconds isn't a big deal, my first cellphone would pick up, hang up, and dial, that's it, no calendar, no calculator, nothing. I used to carry around 3 devices, a typical geek, but with the invention of the Treo, I have consolidated, it is a computer, internet browser, day planner, telephone, alpha-numeric pager, 2-way communicator (pinger.com), and many more things (a newspaper, a flashlight, an MP3 player, a TV, a video player, a camera/camcorder, a scratchpaper/notepad, a book/ebook reader, language translator/dictionary, "gameboy"/entertainer, graphing calculator, scientific calculator, mortgage calculator, navigator, memo recorder, password keeper, and assistant). I'm not sure I would want to live without my Palm Treo; I could, but it would be like losing my sight, or my hearing, the world just wouldn't be as easy to get around in.

If you are a Blackberry person, or an iPhone person, then go ahead and be one, the Palm Treo probably isn't for you, in fact you might even like the WinCE version better, but if you really want to get to the guts of life, and enjoy every flower (ie free application written for Palm devices), then the Treo is, Simply The Best.

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"SKye-esque Prose"

So, apparently I have a very distinctive writing style (or so I was informed during a presentation the other day) (wait, is it the parentheses that give me away??), anyway, there was a "Mystery Spotlight" (and 30 people being spotlighted), and somehow this little paragraph gave me away:

Interest or hobby that others don't know about you:
  • I took 1st place in an archery tournament statewide in my division (I don't do archery anymore, but that's the only hobby/interest that people MIGHT not know)

  • to which my boss responded, "That seems like quite the SKye-esque prose to me", I asked my boss, Kenny, later, "I didn't know that I had such a distinctive writing style", he responded that indeed, my writing style is VERY distinctive and unique (is that a good thing, or a bad thing, and why am I writing in parenthetical thought again, hey, what can I say... I guess it's just my style) :)

    So for fun I have included the Interest or hobbies of OTHER people in the mystery spotlights for comparative purposes (Please note, these are NOT my hobbies or interests, but simply "stuff" to compare my writing style to):
    • [Michael] sculpture (Goal to Make Halloween Masks)
    • [Doug] playing the guitar
    • [Kim] I collect arrowheads
    • [Alex] I love looking at the stars
    • [Cinda] The only real magazine that I subscribe to is "Popular Science"
    • [David] Chippendale dancer [He later told us he was just making this up-LOL]
    • [Ashley] Fishing
    • [Christian] I am a Games Workshop collector and big fan of:
      Space Hulk, won the Origins Award for Best Fantasy or Science Fiction Board game of 1989. Its first expansion, Deathwing, won Best Fantasy or Science Fiction Board game of 1990.
      *Space Hulk is an out of print board game by Games Workshop. The game was set in their Warhammer 40,000 universe and draws a certain degree of inspiration from the Alien movies.
    • [Robert] Photography
    • [Linus] Tennis, Soccer, and Baseball.
    • [Stephanie] Celebrity Photography (live Concerts, Portaits, etc.)
    • [Brian] Arrowhead hunting
    • [Carla] I love to Sew and Bake goodies
    • [David] I like to pretend I have hobbies I like
    • [Max] -Country singer
      -Hair cutting
    • [Angi] Sailing
    • [Scott C] Golf team in school
    • [Brenda] I love to read recipe books but never bake or cook anything out of them. I love broadway musicals.
    • [Charles]I like to cook large breakfasts. The largest one that I've cooked was at my college apartment. It included eggs, hashbrowns, pancakes, waffles, link sausage, bacon, polish sausage, OJ, milk, and toast. Enough food for about 20 people.
    • [Travis] -karaoke
    • [Scott I]I like wood carving and gardening
    • [Kenny] Carpentry
      -Build Cabinets
    • [Edith] Skiing
    • [Mark]-Love Music
      -Love Classic Films and just Older Movies
      -Love to cook and eat food
      -Favorite Hobby: New baby, and my Wife
    • [Carrie] I LOVE Dance-Dance Revolution for the WII.
    • [Ralph] [pictures of: mowing, hiking, running, guitar, and wrestling cows]
    • [Sean] Creating CGI/Digital Art

    Hmm... I guess my writing style does stand out, to some extent. Thanks everyone for listening to my babbling :)

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    23 SEER Air Conditioners by Westinghouse Heating and Cooling.

    23 SEER Air Conditioners by Westinghouse Heating and Cooling. My "Dream" AC. I can't find a dealer in SLC that sells/installs them (yet?).. One day maybe... This page has a breakdown on costs for various "SEER" ACs (based upon 36,000 BTU unit 1500 cooling load hours and 0.08/kwh:
    8 SEER : $540 annual
    10 SEER: $432 annual
    13 SEER: $332 annual
    16 SEER: $270 annual
    20 SEER: $216 annual
    23 SEER: $188 annual
    --ie $352/year savings (over 10 years, that's $3,520 savings, but not just good for the pocketbook, but for the environment as well!)

    (1) comment(s):
    Well, I ended up going with an Amana High-Efficiency Air Conditioner. It is 18.5 SEER, costs about the same amount to have installed, and it has a 10 year warranty for parts/labor, and lifetime forklift replace on the compressor. 18 SEER will, in theory, cost $243 ANNUALLY to run (a savings of $297 per year over an 8 SEER AC, so in 10 years that will be $2,970 savings), I will run it for a month to see what impact it has on the electric bill and decide whether to run it full time or possibly be running my swamp cooler until it gets to the point where humidity won't let my swamp run efficiently, then switch to AC. I did find something interesting in my research of High-efficiency cooling, I'll create a new post about the "Coolerado".
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    WoW sidescrolling game?!

    World of Warcraft-Sidescroll game If you have time to kill (I sure don't), then this is a silly little funny (sick? but still humorous?) little flash game that takes at least an hour or so to really enjoy, so... enjoy!

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    favorite quote

    I was searching for my favorite quote on the web and I only found it on two websites, so to add one more site to the Google search, here it is:

    Julius Caesar's First Law of Aerodynamics of Hurled Objects:
    Sic pilum iactum est. (Literal translation: That's the way the spear is thrown. Free translation: How come I always get the shaft?)

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    What's in a name?

    A few people have asked or remarked about the girl's names, and I've told the story enough times, sometimes the short version, sometimes the long, but I thought I'd post it down so if anyone cared to get the long version (then I can just tell people the short version and point them to my blog).

    Anyway, the inspiration for the names in general comes from a Japanese influence (not in terms of having the names sound Japanese, or even that the sounds are Japanese, but in terms of having "Kana" or "Kanji", which my [bad?] definition is a symbol that represents something or someone, which can be combined to create an idea/word/thought/being/etc.) I like how, for example, my friend Hiromi, her name is made up of 2 kanji, "Hiro" meaning "big, large" and "Mi" meaning "beauty", although in Japanese, there over 50 ways of writing the name 'Hiromi' (all with very subtle different meanings), anyway, I liked that, so when we named our first daughter: KyeLee Ann it was made up of different parts (it would be like 3 Kanas Kye and Lee and Ann)...

    All the girls names are derivatives of family names, the girls are:

    KyeLee Ann
    KyeAnne NataLee
    KyeLin ChristiAnne

    The "Kye" is from SKye (sometimes I think of my name as S'Kye, because it's fun to think of that way-LOL)
    the Ann and Anne comes from my wife: Anniche, and her mom Ann (I added the 'e' on KyeAnne and ChristiAnne because it looks better, but no significance)
    The "Lee" comes from my family, specifically my great-grandpa Lee, and others in the family like my great-aunt LyndaLee
    "NataLee" is after my wife's sister Anette Natalie (and the Lee again)
    the "Lin" is after other people in my family, my step-mother Linda, my great-aunt again Lynda.
    "ChristiAnne" the Anne as mentioned earlier, and my wife's maiden name is Christiansen.

    So basically all the children are named after people in their family (immediate family like my wife and me, my wife's maiden family-name, and extended family names like grandmothers, great grandparents, an aunt, and a great-aunt)

    and the names are made up of the basic parts like this:
    Ann or Anne

    I think that that is the longest long version that anyone cares to read, hope you enjoyed it.

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