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Bake me a cake theory

Random thoughts:

Maybe someone has already discussed this before or elsewhere, but I was sitting here pondering a request from a user and I go to thinking to myself. How come people can't just monitor the system? How come they want the system to monitor itself (which will inevitably fail) and then notify them (making them feel that they don't need to bother with the system at all until it notifies them...

Thus, the "Bake me a cake theory": It is this, once upon a time, we had fire, and then sometime later someone invented the stove, and someone invented a cake, and in order to cook that cake you had to have the stove a certain temperature: too hot and the outside would be black and the inside still uncooked, too cold and it would take forever to cook the cake, it wouldn't form a nice caramel crust, and it would be very dry. So someone decided, "Lets create a temperature thingy to tell us when the stove is at the right temperature" --and it was done. Next dilemma, how do I know when my cake is done, I cook it for 30 minutes at 350 degrees, but I don't want to be looking at my clock for 30 minutes counting down the seconds, "why doesn't someone make me a timer so that when 30 minutes is up it will ring, letting me know that my cake is done" --and it was done. "How about a timer, that once it goes off, maybe I'm in the bathroom and don't hear it, so make it continue to ring until I can go turn it off so my cake doesn't burn" (Because I'm too busy to watch the cake cook, I'm too busy to watch my clock to count the minutes, and I'm too busy to be bothered by my timer if I am doing other things) --and it was done. So, now, I can set my temperature, I can set my minutes, but yet, I still have to poke my cake with a toothpick to see if it is done. Why can't someone.... Wait. Why can't you just enjoy the process of cooking the cake, if you didn't want to cook it, then you should have just gone to the store to buy one instead of making people invent things to make your life easier because you're too busy to cook!!

How come I can't just say that to the users? Why don't you just monitor your system? How come we are all so busy now that we need all these tools to do everything for us. Reminds me of the movie WALL-E (from IMDB: "Obese and largely unable to move on their own, they are carted around the Axiom in hover chairs with video screens that allow them to communicate with one another and see a variety of advertisements for drinkable food products").

Not sure what this has to do with baking a cake, but when someone invents the oven that sticks the toothpick in and automatically takes my cake out of the oven.... wait, when someone invents the oven that preheats itself, that cracks the eggs, adds the water and oil, mixes the batter, pours it in the pan, that puts the pan in the oven, cooks it for the right amount of time, pokes it with the toothpick, takes it out of the oven, cools it just so, then cuts it up and shoves it in my mouth.... yes, when someone invents that, then we will finally have an oven worth talking about (but my mouth will be full of cake, so don't bother me)...

--Oh yeah, and stop bothering me with enhancements to the system so that it will do your job for you, If I could get it to be that good, I already would have done so, and you would be out of a job... Be grateful that you can put the toothpick in your cake and decide for yourself when it is done.

Thanks :)

(2) comment(s):
i like this post! it was a good read, bro.
That was too funny! I really liked the comparison with a cake. But come on smarty pants, enhance those systems! Love ya, big Bro
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Vonage Update, Year 2

I've been on Vonage for well over 2 years now, I started their "Year Pay" 2 years ago, and my bill looked like this:

Total Amount $265.20 (for 11 months)

last year:
Total Amount $302.89
=$25.24/month (for 12 months)

Total Amount: $301.09
=$25.09/month (for 12 months)

So, my total actually DECREASED!!! I'm putting in another plug for Vonage, because $25.09 a month for the following features is absolutely magnificent! (YES, all this is included in the LOW price of $25.09 a month):

  • Call Forwarding, Call waiting[with ID], 3-way calling, call transfer
  • FREE Voicemail, and they will even EMAIL you the voicemail as a wav file!
  • Network Availability number--in case your internet goes down
  • Simulring (Ring up to 5 numbers simultaneously--when you call our housephone my cellphone, and my wife's cellphone ring at the same time, thus we can answer either the housephone OR our cellphone to talk to people who call--My computer 'rings' at the same time, but I'll get to that in the next bulletpoint)
  • NO LONGER SUPPORTED: VonageTalk (the FREE version), lets me MAKE AND TAKE calls on my computer using my speakers and mic. It also allows you to chat with your friends on AIM, MSN, Yahoo, and Google Talk.
  • FREE International calling to certain countries (WOW)
  • Call-ID block (to block your number from going out)
  • Last call return (*69)--for free, no paying whatever it is now that "regular" phone companies charge for the simple pleasure of finding out the number that last called you.
  • Do not disturb (I never use this, but I have a friend that SWEARS by it, it's the only way that he and his family can eat in peace sometimes)
  • Anonymous call blocking
  • Repeat dialing, --I hate getting a busy signal, this way Vonage keeps dialing the number for you (for up to 30 minutes), and rings when you and them are available
  • Vonage Access, thousands of "local" numbers across the world, where someone that wants to call you can call a local number, then put in your Vonage phone number, and it will ring you (basically, they can call you long-distance, for the price of a local call to them)
  • click to call, integrates with certain Microsoft programs to allow you to click a number and have it dial on your Vonage phone (it rings your phone, you pick up, it dials the other number)
  • V-ME webpage, you can give a URL to a friend where they can put in THEIR phone number, Vonage will call them, then call you and connect you together (It's like giving out your phone number, without having to give out your phone number, and Vonage will call you on the number of YOUR choice--ie, you can put in a cellphone, a work phone, your Vonage phone, your neighbor's phone ;) whatever!)
  • V-Fax, send faxes from your computer!
  • Disadvantages: You need an internet connection to use Vonage, but if you have an internet connection anyway, then you are halfway there!

Have I convinced you yet??! Join Vonage if you want to use me as a referral (2 months FREE for you and me), then you can enter in my number [just convert it to digits]: 8-oh-1-ate-eight-6 zero-7-O-niner [don't say you can't find my number if you ever wanted to call] ;)

--I'm not trying to talk anyone into signing up, I just wanted to say: I LOVE VONAGE! and whether you want to use me as a referral or not [the choice is up to you, maybe you have another friend on Vonage and want to use them--GREAT!] the fact is, YOU will LOVE Vonage too!

<--Sign up now and see what I'm talking about!

(1) comment(s):
Vonage no longer allows "VonageTalk" the "FREE" application that lets you take and make phone calls on your computer, you have to purchase one of their softphone options. It is a very sad day.. But I have VoIP on my computer through my work, and through Skype, so I will manage without VonageTalk
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How to Celebrate a Strictly Religious Christmas

Here's a cool WikiHow. I've posted a link to it before, but now WikiHow lets you post entire articles to your blog, I might post a few more of my favorites.

How to Celebrate a Strictly Religious Christmas

from wikiHow - The How to Manual That You Can Edit

Tired of celebrating a consumer Christmas, and want to celebrate in a way that reflects your religious beliefs? Here's how to reform your Christmas ritual.


  1. Consider not putting up a Christmas tree. The origins of the modern-day Christmas tree derive from pagan rituals occurring during the winter months. Cross-polination of beliefs has led to the celebration of Christmas including traditionally pagan concepts.
  2. Keep your decorations centered around the birth of Christ. Avoid things such as candy canes, reindeer, Santa Claus, and similar items. Keep your household decorations more "spiritual" and relevant to the holiday. Good ideas include a nativity scene, depiction of angels, and stars.
  3. In order to instill good values of gift-giving and sharing, only buy a gift for Christ. This is figurative: Instead of purchasing gifts for family and friends, consider spending the money on gifts or donations to charitable organizations for those less fortunate. Many families also choose to donate their time, as well as money, by volunteering in soup kitchens and homeless shelters.
  4. Keep your entertainment relevant to the origins of the holiday. Avoid music and television programs that center on the more commercialized aspects of Christmas (again, such as reindeer, Santa Claus, and so on). Unfortunately, this may prove more and more difficult as time passes. Consider purchasing your own music and movies for your personal collection.
  5. Inform your family and friends early on in the year that you plan on changing your Christmas celebrations. Let them know what and why you have chosen to change your pattern.


  • If you plan on changing your celebrations dramatically, consider making the changes in steps with each year. One year, pass on putting up a tree. Another year, donate a portion of your gifts to charity.
  • Figure out ways to keep Christmas special and fun for your family. Plan low- or no-cost activities and outings. Think of meaningful, personal gifts you could give them without spending any money, such as "coupon books" redeemable for favors or fun activities, or a letter listing the good things that person did this year and how special they are to you.
  • Instead of saying "Sorry everyone, we're using our Christmas money for gifts to charity," consider having each family member purchase one or more gifts that they think a less fortunate person would enjoy. Donate those gifts to organizations such as "Toys for Tots," or the Salvation Army. Your family will make a more intimate connection with the items donated and the goodwill of giving.
  • Santa, as he is perceived today, has little to do with the classical meaning of Christmas. If you have not introduced the concept of Santa to your children, you may way to consider not including it at all. Unfortunately, this can prove difficult in environments such as public schools and organizations that may encourage the use of the image of Santa Claus.


  • Some people may not agree with your beliefs, but you can choose how to celebrate the holidays.
  • If you have celebrated a more conventional Christmas in the past, with presents and Santa and all the rest, the switch to a strictly religious Christmas could be very upsetting to your family, especially if you have young children.
  • Be respectful of other people's traditions. People have their own way of celebrating Christmas, and many people do not celebrate Christmas at all. As much as you want to celebrate Christmas in your way, they want to celebrate it in theirs. Be understanding and respectful of how others celebrate, and enjoy that you can celebrate the way that you wish.
  • Do not be angry or hurt if your child's school "teaches" them about convential Christmas. Treat it as a learning experience for your child. They can learn about all sorts of things without having to apply it. Teach them how to respond when teachers or other students ask questions or criticize them.

Related wikiHows

Article provided by wikiHow, a wiki how-to manual. Please edit this article and find author credits at the original wikiHow article on How to Celebrate a Strictly Religious Christmas. All content on wikiHow can be shared under a Creative Commons license.

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