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HP 8250

HP 8250 This article tells why the HP series (that uses the HP02 Cartridges), are so awesome!

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Sarah Conner

33.42.31 north, the safe house coordinates [now if only we had a lattitude..]
it's in the desert, you like the desert
Sarah: things happen out there
Cameron: things happen here too

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I don't know what you are talking about!
LOL, yeah, I know... Because you don't watch the same TV shows as I do :) Sometimes I just post random "Googlables" I hear or see something on a TV show, and feel compelled to write it on my blog in case anyone else Googles it, so that they know that they aren't the only ones in the world that feel compelled to look for Googlables.
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1123.6536.5321 Jump Coordinates ;)

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oftwominds.com Readers Journal-Hanging On or How to get through a depression and enjoy life

oftwominds.com Readers Journal-Hanging On or How to get through a depression and enjoy life
  • By June 1930, with the depression 8 months old, "[t]he panic had subsided and the wreckage had been cleared away. Most people could look about them and see just about where they stood." Though the spring had passed "[t]here was an air of puzzlement but the optimism was there, too" with many still expressing the belief that " 'prosperity is just around the corner.’ "

  • As the author explains (48-49) this idea: "would be repeated and repeated. When the fall had some and gone, people talked about the upturn that would come the next spring. The next spring people would say that the upturn would come in the summer, and so on. The thing is that people really believed this. They had a blind faith in it, and because they did, they set up a pattern of living called 'hanging on.’

  • VERY interesting reading... When will the upturn be? Are some of us just "hanging on". Think of this link as almost a "Survival Guide", let it enter your thoughts and your mind, and try to figure out how you and your family are going to make it through the long-haul... (makes you think twice about spending that tax return on a vacation, when in reality, you need to be buying some food so you'll have a year-supply)... Anyway, enjoy the paradidgm shift :)

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    An economist was recently interviewed on NPR. He blamed the recession on consumer debt. He claimed that from 2000 to 2008 the amount of consumer debt in the US rose from 50% of the GDP to 100% of the GDP. He said that the last time consumer debt reached 100% of the GDP was in 1929. Very interesting.
    -- Mark

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