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FTC Files Suit to Stop Illegal Robocalls Pushing Vehicle “Warranty” Extensions

http://www.ftc.gov/opa/2009/05/robocalls.shtm It's ABOUT TIME!!! I don't know about you but I've recieved over 50 calls in the last 6 months from these people, I hope that the government can not only stop them but take away every asset that the company owns for engaging is such illegal (and annoying/misleading) practices. This company does the extended warranty, and the also annoying "this is the last chance for you to lower the interest rate on your credit card" calls. I asked these guys over a DOZEN times to remove my number from their list, which was either met with an immediate disconnect, or a "yes, we will remove your number, it takes a few weeks for our system to register the update, so if you continue to get calls, please press 2" --Yeah right, I press one everytime and try to keep the person on the phone as long as I can hoping that I can keep them occupied long enough that they can't call other people. They keep records of this though, because on one call the person said, "Is this Mr. Hodges", I replied affirmitively, and she then said, "when I finish talking are you just going to say that you are on the Do Not Call list?" I Laughed and said, "I most certainly AM", after which I was immediately disconnected. But, of course, still continued to get calls from the numbers that were "Spoofed" with the robot recordings. Hopefully NO MORE!! Thanks FTC!!



Get Elluminate vRoom

Get Elluminate vRoom

Elluminate (The best web conferencing for the price--yes, even beats WebEx), is now offering a "Three for Free" Web conferencing solution. If you haven't used Elluminate you are missing out, this is the greatest web conferencing software EVER!! Plus, with the free version you get Voice over IP, Webcam, File transfer, Whiteboard, Screen share/Application share, and a whole lot more--Hey, you get that with the paid version too, but with the free version you can conference up to 3 people, with the paid version it is nearly unlimited. Ideas: Virtual Support room (help your mom with her computer from accross the world), share a webcam with your friend, talk to someone far away (over VoIP), share pictures (virtual slideshow/whiteboard)... The ideas are simply limited by your imagination. USE Elluminate for free (for up to 3 people):

Get Your Own vRoom Now!

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From Fox's 24:

international banking code is victor-six-bravo-one-bravo-one
account number is 0599072477

After the funds have been transferred, I'll proceed

From Account (routing number)

To Account (routing number)
V6B1B1-059907247 [SHE TYPED THE ACCOUNT WRONG, didn't include the last 7!!]

Amount of transfer
$250,000,00 USD

Enter Authorization number XB12-FSD65432-09

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