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DelphiDude.com - Software Solutions For People I just wanted to write down this site, I may go back to it someday, a few free programs that actually look useful.

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Hosts File Administration Make webbrowsing easier on your eyes, and bandwidth, stop advertisements. You already blocked popups by installing the Google toolbar RIGHT??!!! Now you have access to a TON of TOOLS that will help you block those annoying GIFs and ads and so-forth. Check out this page!!!

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Microsoft Certificate Services: Goat Eye's Key Farm Get and/or play around with, Certificates. Even though these cert's aren't part of the root certification path, you can still get an email cert so you can sign and encrypt email.

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PicturesByLaura One of my old friend's website. She takes pictures (In and around Scottsdale Arizona), and has her own website.

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My Photo Album I updated my page of pictures, broke it into smaller pages, and this link is to directly link with my home webserver (if you want to link to a webserver that is up all the time try http://skyehodges.netfirms.com)

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DirectUpdate - Home needed to make a note of this site because I need to install some kind of service like this at home. It is for a Dynamic DNS updater.
  • I installed the new service. Now I can dynamically update my home IP address to link to the DNS name: dskye.gotgeeks.com :)

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  • Ancestors of Jacob Kemp /Butterfield/-[4496] This is my 5th Great Grandpa. He's awesome, I had to include a link to him...

    I recently noticed that a few people came here by googling "Jacob Kemp Butterfield", --Here's a shout out to you--My relatives!! (Long lost I bet) :) Jacob is my idol, I look forward to meeting him and my great great great great great Grandma as well. You can send me an email from my other webpage http://skyehodges.netfirms.com at the bottom of the page I believe is the email form. Anyway, thanks for stopping by!

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    My mom told me about "findagrave.com" Jacob's grave is listed here.
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    Top Disposable Email Address Services - About Email Top Picks You REALLY CAN get rid of spam FOREVER!!!

    I also really like Mailinator

      • Mailinator provides an unlimited number of email addresses for everybody to use.
      • Mail sent to any @mailinator.com address can be picked up by entering just the user name.
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      Guide Review - Mailinator

      Mailinator takes throwaway email address a step further: all @mailinator.com addresses are in fact thrownaway addresses. You can use any address you like to sign up for web sites, to post to board and other occasions where you need an email address (maybe to receive a password) quickly, but don't want to give your real address. Since Mailinator addresses have no connection to your real address at all, there's no risk of getting spam from using a Mailinator address. Picking up mail sent to your made-up address is easy: log in at Mailinator with the email address. Since everybody can do this without a password, Mailinator is useful only when you don't really want to communicate. Mailinator is email addresses thrown away into the public space.

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    Novell Documentation: Novell Script for NetWare - NSN Components - Part One (A-L) I need to do more with this NSN scripting. I created a script to FTP a file from one server to another, that was fun. Maybe I will come up with something a little more challenging....

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    Slick as grass through a goose I was watching Fear Factor last night and they had this cowboy dude that had all these bizarre sayings [he had a tattoo that said, "Cowboy Up!"], he said that he won he was going to "blow up like a cutworm", then Joe was like, "what!?", and cowboy dude goes, "I'll blow up like a cutworm on a cabbage leaf", I thought that was hilarious, so I googled it, but didn't get any hits, I did however find this site: "It's so good it'll make you slap your granny (Kyle England)" So enjoy, maybe you'll expand your vocabulary, or maybe you'll just get a good laugh....

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    Simple DNS config I needed to reference this because I need to create/modify some DNS Bind files (using BIND 9).

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    CSS and font-family I have made some changes to my site using this webpage to help me with my font.

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    Running an Automobile on Hydrogen Using Water, by Drunvalo hmmm Maybe the car that runs on water is not an urban myth <*GRIN*>... Well, you decide (some people try to create elaborate hoaxes on the internet this is probably one of them)....

    I wanted to add some commentary from my friend Mark:

    "I got a good laugh out of it. My favorite part is that the author of the article did not question the idea of opening the door for ventilation on a frigid day when the engine supposedly doesn't have any emmissions. He also has a problem with time. At one point he says that the demonstration was in February and then he mentions the 'Toronto January winter'."

    "I also liked his notion that you can burn hydrogen and "nothing at all comes out of the tail pipe." Where does the hydrogen go? Is it completely consumed in some 100% efficient nuclear reaction and turned into pure energy? That would be a nice trick. It's on the same scale as the fantastic nuclear reaction that would be needed to turn hydrogen atoms into oxygen atoms so that a Brown's gas engine could emit nothing but water and oxygen."

    "I looked around the web site a bit and every article that I found was pretty entertaining. I don't think that he wrote those articles to be funny. I think that either he seriously believes what he writes, which would be sad, or be is attempting to deceive his readers. In either case, nothing that he writes should be taken seriously if it involves chemistry or physics."

    -- Mark"

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    An overview of BorderManager (since I will be supporting this product, I just wanted to create a link so I can get to it easily)

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    Molecular Expressions: Science, Optics and You - Powers Of 10: Interactive Java Tutorial: "View the Milky Way at 10 million light years from the Earth. Then move through space towards the Earth in successive orders of magnitude until you reach a tall oak tree just outside the buildings of the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory in Tallahassee, Florida. After that, begin to move from the actual size of a leaf into a microscopic world that reveals leaf cell walls, the cell nucleus, chromatin, DNA and finally, into the subatomic universe of electrons and protons."

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