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Internet Junkbuster Junkbuster is one of the coolest utilities I have seen in a while. It makes finding out where your browser windows are downloading stuff from, it allows you to change headers in your HTTP requests (very cool, you can pretend that you are running the non-existent IE 7.0), you can block cookies, you can alter referers, you can do a lot of stuff!!! This is a great utility if you maintain your own HOSTS file to block advertising web addresses or whatever because if you run it with the debug 1 option it will show you all the requests (debug 8 shows you all the headers, there are other VERY cool debug options as well). It may be a VERY SMALL pain to setup and configure, but it is SO WORTH the time and effort. Kudos to the developers. [this makes using Juno as one of my email programs a BREEZE]

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Web Based Network Tools [his page hasn't been updated in a year and 3 days], but this page has a TON of tools for helping you.

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ChangeDetection(tm) - Monitor any web page for changes use the wizard, type in the webpage, type in your email address, away you go.....

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Shields UP! � Internet Vulnerability Profiling I like this web-scanner because you can specify up to 64 ports to scan (ie so if you are not running a service on a "normal" port, you can see what's going on).. Also this site has a few other utilities like "SHOOT the MESSENGER", (I don't worry about this anymore because I use a firewall, but I started using a firewall BECAUSE of all this Messenger SPAM!!!)

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Security Scan - Sygate Online Services (sos) another web based port scanner (I think I like this one a LITTLE better because it has a couple of different scan options (on the left), Quick Scan, Stealth Scan, Trojan Scan, TCP Scan, UDP Scan, ICMP Scan...

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Home - The home of Spybot-S&D! Using Ad-Aware and Spyabot, I think you can get rid of 100% of spyware. One REALLY cool thing about Spybot is it has an "innoculate" function that supossedly makes your computer IMMUNE to over 500 known spyware programs. I'm not exactly sure how it works, but it is "WAY COOL"!!!

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NOVELL: Cool Solutions Cool Tools by Category IF you are a NetWare administrator, here are a bunch of tools that may increase your productivity...

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Weblog Tools Signup to create a link which allows people to comment on your weblogs. I'm using it.... Shouldn't you?

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Web Picture Creator - free software for making web photo albums I've been using ThumbHTML, I might try this new one, since it is more free (if there is such a thing) :)

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Fone Finder query form This is one SWEET tool if you want to find out if a number (on your callerID?) is a Cell number or a land line.

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Tweakomatic I didn't know that the guys at Microsoft really have a sense of humor until I read this. Surprisingly, I laughed until my eardrum ruptured (Actually it ruptured Saturday, because of a severe infection, but I laughed so hard that I bet if my eardrum hadn't ALREADY been ruptured, that it would have after reading about the "Tweakomatic".)

C'mon, take a break, read about it, you might actually even find it a useful piece of software...

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www.biotech.ufl.org <---The NEW Link

Google Search: "Jeffrey Hillman" streptococcus 2003 This is the "mouthwash", actually a spray that you may only need to get once in your lifetime, that will prevent cavities FOREVER!!!! I was looking for this because I wanted to prove that it wasn't an urban myth like the car that runs on water, or gets 100mpg. THIS IS TRUE, you'll have to read through a few pages though, but I would really like to see this hit the market SOON (sorry if you are a dentist and see your practice flashing before your eyes, we'll still need you, but just not to prevent cavities).

---Update: This is funny, because now when you search for "Jeffrey Hillman" streptococcus 2003 my website is now only a couple down from the top of the hitlist.

HEY JEFF HILLMAN: if you see this let us know when this is going to be FDA approved!! I can't wait to be free of the dentist.

I just realized that I don't have any contact information--I hate spam--hmmm... maybe sign the guestbook at my other site http://www.geocities.com/d_skye_hodges put in a URL with a story or something about when and where I can get some of this product. Or post information about the clinical trials. --THANKS!!

---Update: 01-12-2004: I have new information about the replacement therepy mouthwash, first, the name of the company is "Oragenics, Inc." and they are starting human trials this year (2004), they are part of the University of Florida, and you can find out more information by clicking on the "Newsletter" link on the lefthand side of this page: www.biotech.ufl.org

(and if my website is up you can see the picture)

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Avant Browser, a tabbed browser with Flash Filter, Popup Stopper, Cleaner and Google Search I'm starting to like the looks of a "Flash Filter", I hate popups, and Google toolbar has the BEST popup stopper that I've seen, but so far, nothing that blocks those STUPID FLASH ANIMATIONS that "pop-over" the IE window. And I am still searching for something free that blocks the other STUPID JAVA WINDOW commands that "pop-over" a little java window, that really isn't another IE window that you have to click close on because it is covering the information that I want to see behind it....

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Welcome to Radica Games Another Skannerz website, it has a little more information than the http://www.skannerz.com you can download the user manuals for the different types of skannerz.

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