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Sam's Laser FAQ Components: HTML, Photos, Diagrams, and Schematics More than you ever wanted to know about lasers!

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palmOne The Treo 650 is announced.... FINALLY.... Now if only my mobile carrier will get the stupid thing!! I LITERALLY CAN'T WAIT!! I was going to get a 600 this January, but when my carrier couldn't get it, I started surfing, and I found rumors of a new Treo to be released this year... Well, finally it's here (but it really isn't yet).... Add a comment here because I'm wondering who has them, how much you paid, and if you TRULY love this amazing little gadget!!

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Jeh`s Freeware Cool Freeware site. I was looking for an application to replace "Watchcat" which would allow me to hide/minimize/close/iconize/etc certain applications. I used Watchcat to auto-hide-iconize my SETI@Home CMD window, some "PATCH" that Microsoft released "Broke" my Watchcat... So now I need a replacement. This freeware site has a few possible canidates, so we'll see if any work for me.

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USPaperMoney.Info Interesting information about printed money (US Currency).

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Amazon.com: About Steven Cavins: Reviews Read the reviews by this guy. He's HILARIOUS!!! [referred to by my bro-in-law THANKS!!] here is a quote from his favorite review (about a child's mirror/vanity):
This is a great toy for your daughter or sexually-confused son. As opposed to running around and playing all the time (ohh, how annoying) she now sits in front of the mirror for most of the day. Only occasionally does she approach me and ask if I think her nose is too big. I just laugh and send her back to the mirror.

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Gmail Notifier Do you.... GMAIL!! This little app will notify you of new email. I have been using the Gmail Notify in Firefox, but that is only there when Firefox is open.... Now you will know about your Gmail ANYTIME!!

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Free Online Norwegian to English Translators I've been looking and looking for a Norsk to Engelsk translation page for some time now... This just may fit the bill... Does seem to work in Firefox, but MAY be a little flaky...

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Yep, I'll never know when I need to translate Norwegian into English, keep up the bizzare posts skye...
Hey, it DOES translate Norwegian into English, and MANY MANY other languages--FOR FREE!! (Can't beat that...)
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useit.com: Jakob Nielsen on Usability and Web Design Interesting page describing problems with how the web is used today.... It's funny a lot of these things I mentioned casually to my wife the other day about how the internet "USED" to be.... Sometimes I wish for those days again, where the web was just text (and if you were lucky, pictures), no flash, no active-anything, no scripts to worry about, no spyware...... Oh... The good old days...

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I've been doing some checking around for sites that I can [legally] download [legal] movies from, this is tough, because even a simple google search will reveal many many many sites that are basically "front-ends" to P2P programs, or are their very own P2P program, etc. Basically it is very difficult to find REAL actual sources. Basically I, like many people, am getting tired of renting movies from the brick and morter stores, I like the concept of "Netflix" but I'm just not complete convinced, yet, until today (although my personal pick is Blockbuster Online Rentals), there just isn't anything in the mainstream that is big enough to support my movie needs :) Here's my list:


Number of Movies



http://Movieflix.comWHO CARESWHO CARES--it SUCKSSUCKS!!! That is all there is to that...
http://www.real.com/partners/starz/starz.html?Don't know...$12.95/monthMAY be good, but all the movies seem to be affiliated with STARZ, They don't let you browse the movies until you sign up--this is very lame
http://www.movielink.comabout 900$1.99-$4.99 per movie (no membership)I can't get the software to install, but the movies seem a little limited anyway, so this fox calls those grapes sour.
http://www.cinemanow.comabout 1035

Pay per view
Download to own
-Premium: $9.95/mo $49.95/yr
-Premium+: $29.95/mo $99.95/yr

Quite a few of the 1035 "movies" are really just episodes of stuff on TV, including documentaries, and other stupid stuff....
http://www.netflix.comover 25,000$21.99/mo, 3 titles out at a time(does have 29 shipping centers)
http://www.blockbuster.comover 25,000$19.95/mo, 3 titles out at a time
$29.99/mo, 5 titles out at a time
$39.99/mo, 8 titles out at a time
I couldn't tell if Netflix had a similar 5/8 out at a time memberships or not, but Blockbuster is a little cheaper, plus you get 2 free IN-STORE rentals a month... not too bad...

http://www.imdb.com/ This is the place for all your "find out about" movie needs, no, they don't rent or sale movies, but they list everything from how much a movie is making, to the best rated movies, and on and on....

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PCWorld.com - Sony's Vaio X: Like TiVo on Steroids New device offers 1TB of storage, can record seven channels simultaneously

HOLY COW!!!! Do you like TV?? What if you could record up to 7 channels SIMULTANEOUSLY for a WEEK, then instead of programming your recorder on WHAT to record, you simply have to just go into the HUGE DATABASE of 7 days worth of data, and select ANY program recorded already!!! This puppy can hold over 1 Terrabyte of data!!! Just reading about this product will give any TRUE geek a geekgasm (it gave me 5 because I can currently record 2 channels simultaneously on my Dish DVR, but SEVEN!!! wow!)

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Welcome to the 419 Eater Man, I love these sites that "Scam the Scammers" they are SO entertaining!

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planet n: "planet n is an aggregation of public weblogs written by employees of Novell, Ximian, and SUSE. The opinions expressed in those weblogs and hence this aggregation are those of the original authors. All times are normalized to UTC.

planet n is not a product or publication of Novell, Inc."

Why are my blogs here.... I never say anything about Novell, oh well... (am I employed by Novell.... Hmm... Maybe... Maybe not *G* )

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THE ULTIMATE JOHN KERRY AD he he... Sorry, I don't try to push any political views, but no Kerry has the courage to take EVERY position, HA HA, listen to John Kerry's views, ALL of them---Oh my heck, this is SO FUNNY!!!! And he says he doesn't "Flip-flop", hey everyone is entitled to their opinion, it just so happens that John Kerry AGREES WITH ALL OF THEM!! :)

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yotoshi - the bit torrent file search engine - BitTorrent Now with KaZaA search too!! (easier than installing some adware/spyware bloated client). [edited --originally said "asware" instead of adware, good thing I wasn't spelling addware] he he

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