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Plus Magazine So, basically I've "wasted" the better part of the weekend reading math articles (Which is what Plus Magazine is). A collection of the coolest articles on math, that I have ever seen!! In fact I found myself picking up the straight-edge and compass, and trying the whole "trisecting an angle" myself --it is, of course impossible--but it was still something to challenge the mind. I also like the page: http://petitecute.home.att.net/angle.htm--Abby vs. the angle anyway, if you like math (c'mon! you do!) then you'll LOVE Plus Magazine.

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http://googlepages.com Can't do HTML? Looks like Google has a pretty interesting web creation interface... I'm blogging this because it looks VERY interesting, and I don't have time to check it out today, but I definitely need to..

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NOVELL: Videos YES!! Novell videos; including BrainShare, Student Competitions, and Archived Videos. Some of these are VERY VERY VERY funny!! If you have a spare minute (or 30), you should check these out--ESPECIALLY if you Love Novell, Like I do..

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Google Search: 06S4951 95R3840 84Q2739 73P1628 62O0517 51N9406 40M8395

WAHOO!! Now there are TWO pages that link to: 06S4951 95R3840 84Q2739 73P1628 62O0517 51N9406 40M8395 --well, technically only one that links to "06S4951 95R3840 84Q2739 73P1628 62O0517 51N9406 40M8395" but anyway... I REALLY wonder where all the other Numb3rs fans are...

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Here is one, Numb3rs fan that is. I found your blog searching for 84Q2739 on windows live search. Just noticed the numbers for the first time and wondered if they meant anything so started searching. Only result for this one was here.


Hey Thanks Ron! I love Numb3rs! I haven't posted any of the interesting things that I see sometimes when I pause the screen (I like to see things like numbers, license plates, things in the background, or on pieces of paper that no one is supposed to pause the screen and read). Anyway, glad to see that there are other people that sometimes pause the screen too :)
Hey Skye. I was recently introduced to Numb3rs about a week ago by a friend, have now seen two episodes and wondered about these numbers that you blogged about.

Not only do I freeze-frame shows when something interesting comes up, but I like to rewind and rewatch events or dialogue that I may have missed.

Anyway, I found a link where someone else has posted an extention to the series of numbers that you might be interested in.


That said, I believe that the key is in the last number displayed in the titles sequence. Look at it above the letters below that I understand they are the closest to represent...


Cool, eh?

Sorry, I should have posted my name... Darryl. Keep enjoying the show!

Did you see my other post: http://dskye.blogspot.com/2006/03/isiu.html My friend Mark has a great comment about the order of the numbers, when read from bottom to top.

Hi Skye. I did indeed see your other post and have done my own extention of the numbers on a spreadsheet. I can't see any other key numbers or patterns beyond the ability of extending the sequence of numbers so I concluded that the other numbers are a clever way of obfuscating the real meaning that they are trying to represent. I could be wrong of course, but when you think that the show is actually named Numb3rs with the number '3' the way it is, that the significance of 40M8395 is a logical hypothesis of the true meaning. Cheers, Darryl
Sorry Darryl, you did say it the first time, the logical conclusion of:
40M8395 is

There's just no number that looks like an M :)

It's cool to see though, that the numbers run in sequence. Numb3rs is an awesome show, I hope it stays on the air for years to come.

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