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YouTube - HIDE & SEEK Okay, so this video is a bit sappy, but what can I say, I love the song, and I think this video tells a better story than Imogen's original video. I hope that this doesn't make you cry... well, maybe I hope it does, kudos to the producer, director, and actors in this video, you all did a great job!

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How to Celebrate a Strictly Religious Christmas - WikiHow Great concepts to think about to help you remember the "reason for the Season" :) Thank goodness each person can celebrate in a way that is right for him/her.

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http://www.google.com/search?q=%22Buffett+%26+Gates+Go+Back+to+School%22 --So I missed this airing on PBS. But my sister told me about it, and I have to say that Warren Buffett is my new hero. The way he lives his life, seems so admirable to me. He has enough money to buy whatever he wants, but he doesn't. He is a good example for me. If anyone saw this special in October, leave a comment, how did it affect you and your life?

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yeah, saw it (this is your sis) and it rocked...people who get money often say they don't change but the people around them do and it's usually not wholly true but Buffet truly does seem unchanged by money. i especially enjoyed seeing men like these two in a question and answer forum. we all know they are brilliant but now we've have the chance to gain something from their knowledge, just by them sharing with us. it was certainly an insightful presentation.
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wwiTV.com - The ultimate guide to Live TV webcasts. Interesting site... I'm not sure what to make of it yet, but it certainly does provide a lot of content..

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Pizza Oven, Pizza Equipment Worldwide These ovens are the way to go (original idea was the BIG BRICK ovens--Too expensive), these are the same (type of) ovens that PapaJohn's uses, so I guess if they are good enough for them, they should be good enough for the rest of us!

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KBI planetary mixer, horizontal mixer, spiral mixer, hobart mixer, amf glen mixer, bakery equipment, bread pastry dough pizza, cake, slurries, pre-aeration, mixing, agitator, bowl, batters, Now THESE are the mixers I'm talking about---Takes long enough to find a good industrial mixer for emulsifying liquids and dough. How come no one ever puts prices on things? I guess if you have to ask you can't afford it. That must be one reason why small businesses go under in the first year, too hard to recoup investment costs. Just ignore my random posts, we'll chalk it up to a pipe dream...

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uhhhh.... Thanks? I was looking for an industrial "V" mixer, and ran across this site, My blog is pretty much a chalkboard that I write random notes on, so that one-day I can search through it to find things that have caught my attention that I don't want to search through again. I have a couple of small-business ideas, but they require some very expensive equipment, I would like to go back, if I ever get the financing, to be able to find the sites to purchase them from.
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