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Fravia's web-searching lore: Main entrance: Finding Information and Knowledge on Internet

Fravia's web-searching lore: Main entrance: Finding Information and Knowledge on Internet

I had to make a mention of this site on my blog, because it seems to be some sort of Holy Grail... Whether you wear a "Black Hat" or a "White Hat", or maybe your hat is a little checkerboard of black and white...

(sorry for the following text, I put it in PRE tags because of all the special characters)

Anyway, I'm not sure what I can say on it's usefulness, I'm trying to secure a field
input that will be used as an HTML link, it is only to allow a certain URL and
allow the user to append their custom data, consider blogspot.. When you sign up
they have you create a page by presenting you a text box followed by blogspot.com so
it looks something like [___].blogspot.com, mine looks more like
http://www.___.com/x.abcd?[_____] where the INTENDED input would be something like:
username=kkkkkkk&password=DK.F988FEEILLSSIICCPPSSE876 (or something to that
effect), and users will be able to create a custom link so that when they go to
http://www.___.com/easy?[___] then it will automatically log them in (it doesn't
need to be secure, it is a url that you give to your friends so they can "join" your
chatroom, but so you don't have to give a MILE long URL), so the program that will
allow someone to create this url has two input fields, one where you can "name" your
short URL, and one where you enter the MILE long data (which will contain dots,
letters, numbers, possibly an ampersand and an equal sign).

I'm trying to find out if making sure that every entry begins with
http://www.___.com/x.abcd?, AND blocking any input with the following characters: <,
>, 'PIPE symbol' , ^, %, @, ", ', \, [, ], #, {, }, (, ), *, AND allow only ONE :
(hyphen) and ONE ?(question mark).

Is that enough to block HTML URL exploits? Can someone inject code following the URL
http://www.___.com/xabcd?[___]? code that fits the above restrictions? If so, let me
know. :) Thanks.

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Novell BrainShare 2007

Picasa Web Albums - grasshopperherder - 2007-03-BrainShare-Novell a link to some pictures from Novell BrainShare 2007 by a co-worker. BrainShare was awesome this year, I hope anyone that came to it stopped by the Services and Support Pavilion, Support Web booth to say hi. And if you didn't come this year, come next year. Oh, here is a great link to some funny BrainShare videos.

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Thoughts on Freedom, Life & pursuing Happiness

Thoughts on Freedom, Life & pursuing Happiness - Deep thoughts from a co-worker. It appears that even though he has been reading my blog, that I haven't seen a link to his until he left a comment about the Brunswick stew. This is a great blog, it is very deep, and intellectual (unlike mine <*GRIN*>).

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Happy PI Day

Happy PI day! In case you don't get it, PI is 3.1415926... {thanks Doug}

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randall madsen

Someone's searching for a randall madsen on my blog? Well, here is a hit now :)

Referring URL: http://dskye.blogspot.com/search?q=randall madsen
Mar 5, 2007 10:51:19 AM Mac OS X Safari

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Prime Numbers

Happy First Prime numbers day :) 3/5/7 (Props to the Darwin Awards)

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