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an interesting paradigm shift... "if you're not good enough for your children, then how can you be good enough for your spouse?"

So, I was talking to my boss Kenny yesterday for a periodic employee evaluation, and usually after we get the 'business' out of the way, we spend a little time talking about life. So yesterday it happened that I was talking about my marriage, and how sometimes I'm not living up to my wife's expectations of me (sometimes I don't do the things around the house that my wife wants me to, and sometimes, she doesn't either). So, Kenny, who has a handful of girls, the oldest being 15, has thought a lot about his daughters, and what type of guy they are going to marry. We've all heard the saying "you marry someone just like your mom/dad" (girls marry someone like their dad, boys marry someone like their mom), this is fairly true [maybe this is also why some people don't get along with their 'in-laws' because the child's spouse is too much like them?] anyway, Kenny gave me a little nugget of gold to think about, "Imagine that your daughter/son, brought someone home (or was going to marry), someone EXACTLY like you!" Would that boy/girl, be good enough for your child? good enough for you, your expectations of what you expect your daughter/son to marry?

WOW!!! Because, I have to think that if my daughter brought home a guy that was exactly like me, would I like how he treated my daughter... That's the paradigm shift, "how do you need to change, so that someone exactly like you, would be good enough for your own children?" "How would you want your son-in-law/daughter-in-law to treat your son/daughter?" which leads to, "How should you be treating your wife?" It's a heavy thought because although I always think that I'm good enough for my wife, for some reason, a person exactly like me, wouldn't necessarily be good enough for my daughter... That means that I have some changing to do. It doesn't happen overnight, but hopefully by the time my daughter is old enough to date (realistically, I hope to be able to say this WAY before that!), I will be able to say to her, "you better find someone that treats you as good as I treat your mom!"

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Wow, SKye! That is a great way to look at it - and works for both sides! :)
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Dark Reading - Desktop Security Articles

Dark Reading - Desktop Security Articles Some stuff so scary you will want to bury your head in the sand... But don't. Because knowing what's out there will help you defend against it.

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Fone Finder query form

Fone Finder query form An interesting website that helps find numbers (and maps of where numbers and pre-fixes and such are). Unless this is interesting to anyone else you need not pay attention to this post, I am just posting because it it interesting to me :)

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Too much time.

So, I've blogged before about how some credit card companies use postage-paid return envelopes that have special codes that make you THINK that they are somehow tracking you, and that if you send them "junk" in the envelope that somehow they will know it is you (Hey, isn't that even better--"Hey you guys! Keep sending me credit card offers, and I'll keep sending you JUNK!")Anyway, in the latest iteration, they are now including a code that IS in fact UNIQUE to that envelope, with an "official" looking barcode even...

However! The barcode is a FAKE, the first few digits DO IN FACT convert to REAL numbers, but after that, nothing but garbage.

Yes... I have too much time, my source is http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Interleaved_2_of_5 where I was able to "decode" the barcode.

Anyway, MY thoughts on this are STILL: SEND THEM JUNK!! (Even IF they ARE tracking you, it is NOT illegal--At least not yet, but the Credit Companies DO have lots of lobbyists, so, expect a law sometime soon that somehow makes it illegal to send stuff in those postage-paid envelopes other than the INTENDED material).... Whatever, have fun, do it (it keeps our postage rates lower because more mail goes through the system, and the Credit card companies pay more---yes, you are paying the credit card companies anyway). Have fun, send something great to the Credit Card companies, take a picture, put a comment on my blog :)

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