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Refuse the Terror

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Merry Christmas 2007

A Christmas Quote from Ralph

"May the Lord's presence be one of your most cherished presents this holiday season! (note the subtle homonym presence/presents =)" --Ralph B.

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people who delete comments--WTH?

Is it just me? Or are people who delete other people's comments from their blogs or forum posts, or whatever; are they just mean? or what? I can totally understand when someone writes something completely offensive (swears, posts something politically incorrect, threats, hate-mail, spams, etc), but if someone just has a comment that happens to conflict with one person's view of the "perfect world" (like, say you love blue, and I said blue is lame, red is cool), why would someone delete that? Is it just me? or is it just really poor Internet etiquette, or is it just plain immature? I mean, not everyone that comments on my page agrees with everything I say, but people are free to express their opinion, right? Go ahead and express your thoughts in a comment below, and if your thoughts don't agree with mine, I'll probably respond with a comment of my own, but unless you swear or spam, I won't delete your comment; Go ahead, unleash the hounds, Tell me how much you love/hate Romney for Pres. Or that your dad can beat up my dad, or that MIT has your favorite football team--this is your forum, let loose! (I'm mostly curious to see how much someone can say without offending a pg-13 readership--ie no swears or spams, but feel free to unleash your full untethered opinion) --And, GO!

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Hey skye YOU SUCK!
Yeah, I disagree with your comments all the time but I've never deleted them! ;) lol

Hmmm... let's see... hybrids are hardly better than your typical economy car. My husband gets just as good gas mileage with his Honda Civic that my dad does with his Toyota Prius. :P

I guess I should comment on unbridled passion--Because some people I know would delete a comment that was so blatantly ignorant. So, first of all your comment is entirely generic, totally useless, and completely false. But I entirely respect your right to have an opinion, and would say to you that you can be a little more specific, because your comment has potential, if you can tell me exactly HOW I suck, maybe I could improve myself and become a better person?

Sariah! YOU ROCK!! I love ya! But seriously, I get 50mph in my car; Now maybe averaged over the life of my car, and calculated properly, maybe I'm really getting 42-44mpg, but I get 50 mpg on enough tanks of gas, that I can brag about it a little bit. Now your husband on the other hand, he can brag A LOT (not that I know, but if he is getting as good of gas mileage as your dad's prius, then that means he ACTUALLY knows how to drive and conserve gas---And I have a newfound respect for Ryan--Let's just say that your comment makes him a little bit of a hero in my eyes)... See, I never would have known that unless you felt free enough to express your opinion that hybrids are hardly better than your typical economy car---Actually, I agree with your statement, remember the OLD Geo Metros (Manual transmission), those awesome cars could get 50mpg (and that was back in the 80's!!) I still cry "CONSPIRACY!!" because there isn't a need for us to be paying this much in gas, where is my (economical) Plug-In Electric Vehicle? Seriously, Jay Leno has a battery powered vehicle from the VERY EARLY 1900's (or earlier, I forget), but oil was cheap back then, so electricity lost out to black gold. But it's finally time to bring back the electric vehicle (one that costs $10k or so, none of the 50K-100K cars that you can buy today--because I swear, they are just charging so much that people can drive a car as big as their ego).

Anyway, this is fun, I like hearing people's opinions, even if they are just as simple as "you suck" I think all of you ROCK! keep the comments coming!

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