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Instructions for new parents

I'm not sure where this comes from, (if anyone knows, let me know), my sister sent it to me via her husband. It is TOO funny not to share! --Enjoy!

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Heavenly Hinckley passes away

My cousin IM'd me and my sister called me simultaneously tonight asking if I had heard the news: Beloved Church President, Gordon B. Hinckley, dies at 97 I hadn't, I was telling KyeLee (My 5 year old), that the prophet passed away, and she was really sad and said, "Heavenly Hinckley died?" She has always called him Heavenly Hinckley (even though we always say PRESIDENT Hinckley), but she refuses to call him by any other name. I think it is a really blessed title, and I hope that the next prophet can inspire her the same way that "Heavenly Hinckley" did. Our dear President Hinckley will be missed.

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Hear, Hear.

You know what I found inspiring? That so many Utah youth (it may have happened elsewhere, I don't know) took occasion to go to school on Monday dressed in their Sunday best. I loved that.

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Vonage Update

I've been on Vonage for well over a year now, I started their "Year Pay" a year ago, and my bill looked like this:

Charges Detail
Description Amount
Annual Residential Premium Unlimited Plan $215.00
New Rate Plan Activation Charge $0.00
Regulatory Recovery Fee $10.89
Emergency 911 Cost Recovery $10.89
Sales Tax $15.63
Federal Universal Service Fee $12.79
Total Amount $265.20 (for 11 months)


This year:

Charges Detail
Description Amount
Annual Residential Premium Unlimited Plan - Save 20% (Jan 24,2008 - Feb 23,2008) $239.99
Regulatory Recovery Fee $11.88
Emergency 911 Cost Recovery $11.88
Federal Universal Service Fee $19.78
Sales Tax $19.28
State 911 Fee $0.08
Total Amount $302.89

=$25.24 /month (for 12 months)

So, it's a little over $1/month increase, not too bad, especially when you consider what we are paying for gas nowadays. I wanted to put in a plug for Vonage again, because $25.24 a month for the following features is absolutely magnificent! (YES, all this is included in the LOW price of $25.24 a month):

  • Call Forwarding, Call waiting[with ID], 3-way calling, call transfer
  • FREE Voicemail, and they will even EMAIL you the voicemail as a wav file!
  • Network Availability number--in case your internet goes down
  • Simulring (Ring up to 5 numbers simultaneously--when you call our housephone my cellphone, and my wife's cellphone ring at the same time, thus we can answer either the housephone OR our cellphone to talk to people who call--My computer 'rings' at the same time, but I'll get to that in the next bulletpoint)
  • VonageTalk (the FREE version), lets me MAKE AND TAKE calls on my computer using my speakers and mic. It also allows you to chat with your friends on AIM, MSN, Yahoo, and Google Talk.
  • FREE International calling to certain countries (WOW)
  • Call-ID block (to block your number from going out)
  • Last call return (*69)--for free, no paying whatever it is now that "regular" phone companies charge for the simple pleasure of finding out the number that last called you.
  • Do not disturb (I never use this, but I have a friend that SWEARS by it, it's the only way that he and his family can eat in peace sometimes)
  • Anonymous call blocking
  • Repeat dialing, --I hate getting a busy signal, this way Vonage keeps dialing the number for you (for up to 30 minutes), and rings when you and them are available
  • Vonage Access, thousands of "local" numbers across the world, where someone that wants to call you can call a local number, then put in your Vonage phone number, and it will ring you (basically, they can call you long-distance, for the price of a local call to them)
  • click to call, integrates with certain Microsoft programs to allow you to click a number and have it dial on your Vonage phone (it rings your phone, you pick up, it dials the other number)
  • V-ME webpage, you can give a URL to a friend where they can put in THEIR phone number, Vonage will call them, then call you and connect you together (It's like giving out your phone number, without having to give out your phone number, and Vonage will call you on the number of YOUR choice--ie, you can put in a cellphone, a work phone, your Vonage phone, your neighbor's phone ;) whatever!)
  • V-Fax, send faxes from your computer!
  • Disadvantages: You need an internet connection to use Vonage, but if you have an internet connection anyway, then you are halfway there!

Have I convinced you yet??! Join Vonage if you want to use me as a referral (2 months FREE for you and me), then you can enter in my number [just convert it to digits]: 8-oh-1-ate-eight-6 zero-7-O-niner [don't say you can't find my number if you ever wanted to call] ;)

--I'm not trying to talk anyone into signing up, I just wanted to say: I LOVE VONAGE! and whether you want to use me as a referral or not [the choice is up to you, maybe you have another friend on Vonage and want to use them--GREAT!] the fact is, YOU will LOVE Vonage too!

<--Sign up now and see what I'm talking about!

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I wouldn't steal your car

I don't download movies, but I don't condemn people who do, I don't condone it either, but I don't think the movie industry has things right. Imagine if the Mona Lisa was "Copyrighted" in such a way that the only way that you could ever see it is if you went and visited it in person, or bought the "Official Mona Lisa Poster" (that you couldn't publicly display, you could only 'share' with your friends in the privacy of your own home), imagine for a moment... A world where art could only be bought, and licenced, unless the "producer" of that art decided that, for the good of mankind they would share that work with the world for FREE! I understand that art and movies may not be the same thing, but c'mon movie industry... If you're stuff is that good, people are willing to pay for it, but I know plenty of people, after seeing a movie, walk out of the theater and say "What a rip-off", and at the same time, there are others that say "that was the most amazing movie I've seen in quite some time", those same people, if both downloaded a version of the movie, low quality, no special features, one would probably buy the DVD (one, to support the movie, and two, to watch the special features: outtakes, deleted scenes, director's commentary, etc), the other person wouldn't feel ripped off, and would eventually find movies that they TOO would go out and buy... Anyway, I have an unlimited pass to Hollywood Video (yeah, I saw 813 movies last year, well, this year I'm not keeping count), I don't need to download movies, but I still don't think it should be illegal. Before I get off my soapbox, I'd like to say, my local newspaper sells copies of their newspaper in the 'stands', and people buy it, even though they ALSO have a "FREE" version on the web (with WAY LESS Advertising, yes, they have advertising, but WAY LESS)... Anyway, for what it's worth, this video is interesting:

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oh, yeah, Props to BoingBoing again, for making me think!
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2007 Darwin awards


a Vegetable Orchestra


Message from my Mom

Hi Kidz,

Some of you may know that Grandma went to Arizona to see Toa (Noel & Manu's baby) be blessed.

While she was there, she had a few strokes. They think she had one Monday morning. As she was drinking a glass of juice, it slipped from her hands and broke everywhere. They told her to stay where she was, while they cleaned it up, but she didn't. She just got up and started walking around. I don't remember exactly what Camille told me happened next, but the ambulance took her to the hospital. They ran some tests and found out that she has had some mini-strokes, and she was dehydrated. They wanted to keep her 5-6 days. She wouldn't hear of it. She missed her flight yesterday, but should be in today.

I will be off of work tomorrow - to go with her to the Dr's at 1:30. Camille will be spending the night at her house.

I just thought you kids should know about Grandma. I'll tell you more tomorrow.

Love, mom

(4) comment(s):
I'm sorry to hear that, I hope your grandma is okay! It's hard to watch the people we love get older sometimes. I hope that she stays safe!
Thanks Sariah :) Everyone dies eventually, it's hard to let go (even knowing that they will go to a better place), they are still loved and missed; My grandma is the type that never even lets on that there is a problem, so things like this come on so suddenly for us. Anyway, thank you for your concern, she will be okay, even if things don't turn out the way that we want them to, things will be as they are meant to be. Thanks again for everything, and especially for your friendship, it is valued and appreciated. I really enjoy the thoughts and interactions that we have.
The story is a little different. Now that grandma is home, I am sure you have heard all the details. It was scary! She looked a LOT better yesterday! Hopefully everything is okay!
I haven't heard all the details yet; However, I know that Grandma is a trooper! If she ever has something major and serious, I can picture a doctor telling her, "Ma'am, I'm sorry to tell you that you have only 1 week left to live", and I imagine her telling him, "Oh, I do not!", getting up and walking out of that hospital, and living for 10 more years! :) She is an amazing, and stubborn--in a good way, woman.
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Crazy traffic/drivers

I've seen this video many times, and it always scares me and makes me laugh, so I decided to just post it in case anyone else wanted to see some crazy traffic in India.

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