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Coolerado Cool School

Coolerado Cool School So, the Coolerado is estimated to be a 40 SEER Cooling device [66 SEER if you opt for the ultra-efficient motor that uses 1/5th the amount of electricty of a "standard" AC 1250 watt electricity usage for "normal" fan, 750 watt MAX on the high efficiency fan], potential yearly savings over a traditional AC COULD be as much as $600-$1000 per year (but being as my new AC will only cost, APPROXIMATELY $243/year to run, then that is the best savings I could hope for, the "Standard" R600 [ie NOT w/high-efficiency motor] Coolerado, PLUS installation is about $2,000 more than what I am paying for my AC, so for me it would take a MINIMUM of 8 years 3 months to recover the additional costs (that 8 years assumes that I use my AC once a year for 10 minutes, per YEAR), So, for once, I couldn't get the "MOST EFFICIENT" of something. Speaking of which, my new AC will be paired with one of the most efficient Gas Furnaces in production today, the Amana 95 IIQ, which is 95.5% efficient [95.5 AFUE], the most efficient is 96.6% efficient. Am I bragging? Well I hope I'm not, but I'm trying to be an example, I'm hoping that more and more people will focus on efficiency/energy usage, and try to cut back a little, or find the products that are more efficient because the savings in energy are going to pay off, in the long run, 10 years from now I will have saved $2,970 over an 8 SEER AC, if the 8 SEER costs $2,000 less, then I've saved $970 over 10 years, it may not seem like that is worth it, but that is the equivalent of 12,125 Killawatts of electricity, (which I know means nothing to most of you), I use on average anywhere from 19-24 KWh per day, so that is 505 days worth of electricy. Meaning, in 10 years, I'm saving enough money to buy electricity to power FIVE-HUNDRED HOMES for a day! (or 1 home for 505 days :P ) Enough of my energy efficiency ranting for today. Be good to yourself, be good to your environment ;)

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When I read this, I believe I lost my brain somewhere but go you! I know it was a smart post, too smart for me. :)
BTW, you're the only one I know that would think of googling death charades-why didn't I think of that? Well, I didn't get much that was useful out the other posts but it was nice to see mine is now the first post of the search. :)

I noticed someone came to the site looking for the following: coolerado r600 btu They actually answer the question on the coolerado website: A ton of cooling is equal to 12,000 BTUs, a Coolerado R600 has 6HMXs and provides 5.4 tons of cooling, thus 64,800 BTUs of cooling power. I only needed 2.1 tons of cooling for my house, so that was another reason I didn't go with the R600 (I got a 3 ton, 2 stage, so on stage one I think it is 2 ton, and if it ever REALLY needs to cool then it can go to stage 2, 3ton mode).
Someone ended up here the other day searching for: Coolerado Air Conditioner R600 retail value

I'm not sure exactly what they were looking for, but the PRICE of a Coolerado is around $5,000 give or take! Pluse install, which could be as much as $2,000 (but probably not, unless you have some crazy design). To refresh some of you, the Coolerado is a 5.4 ton cooling device (I paid $5,000 for my 3 ton cooling, BUT that INCLUDED the install) So that price is very much inline with industry pricing, considering the Coolerado is a 40 SEER efficient device!

This week someone ended up here searching for: coolerado r600 price
{See above} The Price of a Coolerado is around $5,000, depending on options (like, you may get the higher efficiency motor, to achieve 40 SEER, that would cost a little more). But essentially the price of a Coolerado R600 is about the price that you would pay for a 5.4 ton Air Conditioner. But the energy efficiency that you would achieve from running a Coolerado R600, versus a 'regular' AC would be enormous savings in electricity. Keep in mind that the Coolerado R600 will only run in certain climates, and can only cool to within a certain percentage (I can't remember if it is 80% or 90%) of the dew point, so watch the dew point in your area to figure out what kind of cold air the Coolerado R600 can put out. I still think that the price is pretty incredible. Coolerado R600s are currently only being sold to distributors though, so you can't just buy one and install it yourself, and you have to find a nearby distributor, there aren't any in Utah BTW, so no matter what the price of a Coolerado R600, I couldn't have purchased one anyway (unless I wanted to pay all the travel and shipping expenses for the install crew and the Coolerado R600 to come from Colorado!). Keep up the questions (oh, wait, no one is asking any, they are just Googling terms and ending up here)---Well then, start asking your questions :) And I'll do my best to answer.

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Science is awesome!

I know, sometimes I just post videos, but they are just too cool, so I have to share.

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MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU on Vimeo


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