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Magic Chocolate Mug Cake (Microwave)

Based off of:


NOTE: I made this entirely different.... Did I mess it up on purpose...? No... But, did it turn out... YES (I think so!!)... So if you want the ORIGINAL recipe, go to recipezaar... but if you want to try it my way... (tastes more like chocolate spongecake) then try this:

1/3 cup flour (original recipe calls for a cup of pretty much everything that I marked 1/3 cup for... I screwed up, I measured it for 12 TEAspoons instead of TABLEspoons... sue me, it came out incredible, that's why I'm sharing it!!)
1/3 cup sugar
8 tablespoons cocoa powder, any kind
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
4 eggs, beaten
1/3 cup milk
1/3 cup oil
8-12 drops vanilla (optional)

1. In a small-medium bowl, mix the flour, sugar, cocoa, baking powder and salt.
2. Add egg and mix into dry mixture.
3. Add oil and milk and mix well.
4. Get FOUR tall, large mugs, and pour in this mixture equally between them, scraping out with a spatula.
5. Cook ONE-at-a-time, Place ONE mug in microwave on High for one-and-a-half minutes. This is cool, after about 30 seconds the 'cake' grows like those 4th of July black snakes and pretty much comes OUT of the mug--It grows like SIX times the amount you put in the cup! Then the remaining minute 'cooks' it.
6. (Original recipe is Best slightly undercooked, this one is sortof like cooking eggs in the micro --Enjoy!).

PS, KyeLee hated this (but then she poured milk over it too), Anniche, KyeAnne, and I, ALL LOVED IT (makes me wonder what the 'real' recipe tastes like, but I like this one, it's like chocolate spongecake --very good)

(1) comment(s):
I got a comment from a friend via email, and I thought I'd share:
I'm confused by your math.
> I measured it for 12 TEAspoons instead of TABLEspoons
Did you mean 12 or 16? 12 tsp = 1/4 cup. 16 tsp = 1/3 cup.
Anyway, it sounds really good. I found another version of this last November: http://howto.wired.com/wiki/Make_Cake_in_a_Mug. But that version uses hot cocoa mix, which kind of ruins the flavor. I think I'd rather use your recipe.
-- Mark


That's the problem with my math... it WAS 16... but either way, the ingredient list that I posted is how I made it (1/3 cup of most ingredients) when it SHOULD have been a CUP of most of the ingredients... (and 3/4 cup of milk/oil)... That will teach me for using the calculator and hitting tsp instead of tbsp... but surprisingly if you like spongecake you'll like this, if you'd rather have 'regular' cake, then the 'original recipe' is probably better.... Now that you mention "hot chocolate" powder... that's probably what they meant in this recipe too... LOL, but I used actual unsweetened cocoa powder... And it was very good... So who knows... ;)

Thanks for the math clarification, I can't do math, and I can't even remember my bad math when I do it... LOL. Thanks for helping me out :)


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