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the Forgotten

"That's like a telephone repairman not carrying his echo sensitizer"

--Too bad Google is no help in locating one ;)

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Try Novell Teaming

Can't get an invite to Google Wave? [Me neither], but you can still enjoy an enterprise class collaboration package (you can even download a demo today). Try Novell Teaming, and you won't be dreaming about tomorrow, you'll have what you need right-now: http://www.novell.com/products/teaming/productinfo/ Want to see what it could look like once you have it installed, check out http://community.kablink.org check out the "Teaming Library" which has XML templates that you can import into Teaming, to help you get your process flows setup in Teaming quickly. Still not convinced? How about 20 FREE licenses? http://www.novell.com/products/teaming/starterpack.html or, you can keep waiting for your Google Wave invite, but I've been using Teaming today to track projects, team meetings, and store files. Today using Novell Teaming + Conferencing: I've been able to have real-time collaboration with other employees so we can finish our work quicker, which leaves me more time to get to those old emails that I've been putting off.

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one of my friends and/or friends-friend posted this on Facebook, and I wanted to post it here as well. When I get my eyeglasses prescription updated I'm going to buy a pair (of prescription sunglasses, 80% yellow), and if I like them then I'll try to remember to repost. http://zennioptical.com/cart/cart.php Oh, did I mention their prices? Full Prescription EyeGlasses for as LITTLE as $8, with $5 shipping (USA)...
Anti-reflective coating: $5
Tinting: $5
1.57 Mid Index Single Vision , No Charge
Bi Focal (with a line) - (+$17.00)
Progressive(No-Line Multi-Focal) - (+$29.00)
Photochromic + Single Vision - (+$39.00)
Photochromic + Progressive (+$59.00)
1.61 High Index Single Vision (+$17.00)
1.67 High Index Single Vision (+$37.00)
(Certain strength prescriptions are $9 more)

If you check it out before I do, please leave a comment on your experience (I haven't heard anything bad, reviews on the internet have all been good).


--In response to the comment below:
Although I appreciate your suggestion, I just looked at that website, and to be honest, the selection, price, and colors for tint, are NO WHERE NEAR zennioptical.com Now, if you can find glasses for $5, with every color of tint, then you will have a website that MIGHT beat ZenniOptical. In all fairness, if you don't want BLUE or YELLOW tinted lenses, then MAYBE glassesshop compares equally, but it isn't BETTER. --I use 10% yellow tint for sitting in front of a computer, and 50% blue at night to help with insomnia. 1 pair of $8 glasses at Zenni WITH THE LENSES SHIPPED is $13, one pair of $8 glasses at the glassesshop shipped is $20.95.

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Come on, No Zenni anymore! There are so many online optical stores to choose from. I have bought from most of them.

The greatest deal should be the one from www.GlassesShop.com. Strongly

recommend it!

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Dent's Disease

Just making a note for myself, I need to research this because all the males in my father's family have had kidney stones, and I think that I follow quite a few of these symptoms, but for now, I'm just posting to remind myself to check on this at a later date: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dent's_disease

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So, I talked to my doctor about Dent's Disease, and he said that I do seem to have a lot of the symptoms, but that the treatment for Dent's is "taking a diuretic", and I'm already on hydrochlorothiazide, so it wouldn't make a difference. (ie, no need to test, if I'm already following the recommendation) I guess I'll never know, but it is pretty clear to me that I have it. --Funny thing, is that I started taking HCTZ because of Kidney stones (my father started taking HCTZ years and years ago and hasn't had any kidney stones since, I've only had one since, and that's because I was taking a Vitamin C supplement(on top of my multi-vitamin)--turns out that is VERY bad if you are trying to not have kidney stones the C counteracts the HCTZ) So the treatment for the type of stones that I have is also the treatment for Dent's Disease, so I'll never know....
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