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SKye's Yearly Christmas Rant

My yearly Christmas rant... (AKA: "you're doing it wrong", RE: "Shut-up SKye, why do we have to hear this every year", AKA: "Don't judge me, Santa-Hater", AKA "Why am I reading this"?)

I'm doing it again this year: http://www.wikihow.com/Celebrate-a-Strictly-Religious-Christmas

A friend's post reminded me that my frustrations with the corruption of a wonderful holiday will never be resolved.

People have removed so much Christ out of Christmas it might as well be x-mas. Why do people put up trees? (there were no "Christmas trees" when Jesus was born), Why do people make a milk and cookie offering to a false God? (there's no such thing as 'you-know-who', but yet people still try to get their children to "BELIEVE" in him), why do we give presents to each other, when we should be following Christ's counsel about "When you have done it unto the least of these...", who are the least among us? How can we serve them (Feeding, clothing, visiting, healing); It is very frustrating to me that people (Whether on purpose, or on accident) remove Christ from the name AND meaning, of Christmas.

And (All that was just my opinion, now I'm soap-boxing): IF Jesus is not allowed in our schools (can't sing songs about Jesus, or angels, only songs about snowmen and Santa), Then why in the mother H do we allow Santa in our churches?? WHY?? I'm telling you people, take a good hard look at the Old Testament, and how the people couldn't give up their false idols/gods, is this what we are teaching our children? People are literally setting out an offering (of milk and cookies) for a false God!! It is shocking to me, but _I'm_ the one that's crazy (like Samuel the Lamanite, pointing at the "righteous" people telling them to repent, while they launch arrows at him). Let me get this right, the commandment CLEARLY states: "Thou shalt not bear false witness" and we are swearing to our children that a fat man riding a magic sleigh pulled by magic reindeer deliver to your greedy childrens' heart their every desire, and if they question it, or aren't good enough that they will instead get a lump of coal (rather than the torments that await those that displeasure the TRUE and living God)??

**But just so that no one feels bad or guilty. I don't think what YOU are doing is wrong for YOU, if you believe that it is right and/or okay, then that's none of my business.... I'm just saying that I can't believe that you do it, but that's just me. We don't all feel the same way about the same things, but please take into consideration what you do to celebrate the birth of your Savior Jesus Christ (assuming you are Christian). If you aren't a Christian, then continue your celebration in whatever Pagan way seems most fitting to you, but CHRISTmas, is still about Christ ;) --I have nothing against you, you just don't know any different; But do something nice for someone, someone in NEED, and you will feel better than anyone can even describe.


(1) comment(s):
I must send out a yearly reply as a rebuttal to what I still deem as complete ignorance, and absolutely opposite to what is celebrated in my church among its very leaders.

The Christmas tree wasn't used when Christ was born but early origins of the Christmas tree explain there were trees for gods one of them being called the tree of Thor. It was cut down to disprove the legitimacy of the Norse Gods to the local German tribe. All this was as an act of Christianity to prove that there is only one true God.
Later it was used symbolically used to represent Christ's love that is is green and alive all year round, not just for a holiday season.
Commonly the evergreen tree is mis-associated as a Pagan tradition as they used one as well at the feast of winter solstice to remind themselves that winter would end. I don't use it to be a reminder winter will end I use it to decorate with candles as a reminder of the light that Christ brought into the world. He is that light. Many other things can be used symbolically and effectively to help children learn about the Christmas story. The Angels that announced his birth, like an angel on top of the tree looking down on the candy canes that represent the sheppards in the field. You can add home made decorations that are pictures of Christ at all the different points in His life where he took the time to teach the people. As you decorate your tree you can go over each of the stories and utilize that as an effective way to talk about Christ each year with your children. Every time they forget what a decoration is for you can continue to retell the stories of His life here on the earth and His divine mission.
Elder Gavarett's family has the tradition of writing letters to Christ and placing them on the trees for the good actions they do or to thank Him for all He has done.
False Gods are commonly prayed to and worshipped. People beg them to give them riches or help them remember information, to keep their house safe, etc. Santa isn't worshipped he is simply a cartoon character that is used for entertainment. His story is a reminder that kids that are good are rewarded and kids that are bad aren't rewarded. We can take the oportunity to discuss the concept that our lives will one day receive a reward based on our actions. If we haven't lived a good life we can't expect to return to Heavenly Father, if we have we can expect to return to his presence. Apply concepts of the gospel to common themes they live in their lives. You know how you get excited to have time off of school and time to hang out with family, that is the same feeling we should have as we anxiously await the return of our Savior. You could even apply the common themes of how Santa comes randomly in the night as the parable that Christ will return as a thief in the night. We never know when He will be back so we always need to be ready and be living a good and virtuous life, and explain that if we haven't repented of our wrong doings, it will be too late, just like if Santa came and we hadn't been good, it will be too late to try and change.

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