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BRENDA SAYS: "Sorry to make all of you endure my odd thoughts AGAIN but think of it this way, I've had to endure myself for 27 years now and all I'm asking is that you read one rambling little blurb (or delete it but never tell me that)...thanks for enduring me!"

"Did you ever notice that no matter how complicated your life is, the later you stay up, the more it makes sense? Suddenly, you feel smarter, too-every thought is a deep one. My toothpaste isn't really blue and it isn't really green either. Somehow it is the perfect fusion of the two. Problem solving skills increase as well. The longer I stay awake, the braver I seem to get about resolving things...Tomorrow I'm going to go over to the neighbors and tell them what pigs they really are!...ah, pigs, that's a funny word! Pigs, pigs, piggies, little piggly wigglies, little piggly wiggly gigglies. Oh, I've got the gigglies. What's the difference between a laugh and a giggle? How about the difference between a smurk and a smile and do you have to be a smart alec to smurk? Back up a second to smart alec, who was this famous "Alec" that created a reputation understood nationwide? The nation is a big place. I need to travel, see more of it. There's a whole world out there, just waiting to be explored (Wow, another bottomless insight). Maybe tomorrow I'll pick a destination and set everything in motion to travel there. Um, I feel like snacking, could use some chocolate. I hate the aftertaste of sweet things though so i'll have to follow it up with something salty. Meat tastes especially good during the hours it should not even be accessible. It's so weird that just when my mind reaches a peak of clarity, it would appear that the rest of me is useless. Here I've stayed up 3 1/2 hours later than I ever should have and what did I accomplish? I ate a little bowl of ice cream and thought-ALOT-and none of the things I contemplated even really matter so I basically sat up just to literally sit around and waste time. Tomorrow I will feel okay until the afternoon hits and then I will pay dearly for wasting the night away. I will morph into this mean, ornery person I never intended to be just because I couldn't think deeply enough to tell myself to get up and get into bed. Even now, I sit here telling myself I should wrap things up and call it a night but I just can't bring myself to get up off this blasted couch! Well, I do have one more resolve to add to the list-tomorrow I'm going to bed early."

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