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401st post (who knew?) My Favorite Google Chrome Extensions

[I can't believe I wasted post 400 on I-15, oh well]

So, I've been promising to post some of my favorite Chrome extensions.

#1. Hands down: Better Facebook Fixer (I'm posting links to SEARCH, because sometimes, something comes along that is better, for example, I WAS using just "Facebook Fixer", but because of searching for the plugin again [after an insane computer crash], I found BETTER Facebook Fixer) Better Facebook fixer does a couple of amazing things:
  • bigger profile pictures and photos (this is nice, because if you just hover over a picture, it shows it to you FULL SIZE in a light-box, you don't have to click a photo to view it BIGGER)
  • easier viewing of albums (this will LOAD ALL ALBUMS (on one page, no scrolling though pages and pages of albums) LOAD ALL PICTURES from an album on ONE page, and best of all, SHOW ALL PICTURES LARGE SIZE --I have to type in all caps, because BIGGER IS BETTER :) lol, you will be missing this plugin on any computer that doesn't have it installed.
  • links to download videos (never used it)
  • showing people's age and sign (didn't even realize this was there, but VERY COOL ;) )
  • Google calendar integration (don't use that feature, but neat!)
  • bookmarks (haven't used it)
  • keyboard shortcuts (didn't know it was there)
  • & more. (dare I say... NO ADS?)
  • Fully customizable! (yes it is)
  • --Did I mention that you should download this extension for Chrome TODAY, if you use Facebook, you WILL thank me for it ;) LOL
#2. (in no particular order): Explain and Send Screenshots. Well, that one is mostly self-explanatory.

#3. Blog This, by Google. The extension that got me back blogging again :)

#4. Autocomplete = On. Changes 'autocomplete=off' to 'autocomplete=on' in web pages, so your passwords will be remembered.

#5. Web Developer extensions. If I have to explain these extensions (I use 2 or 3 of them), then you don't need them (I'm not a web developer, but occasionally it is nice for reasons I cannot disclose) ;) LOL

#6. URL Shortener extensions. There are enough of these to be rather generic, I like the "goo.gl URL shortener" though, well, because it's cool looking LOL.

#7. Personalized Web. Another of the don't ask, don't tell extensions (inject custom HTML into webpages), with a custom ad-blocker, and other fun goodies (for web geeks).

#8. Autopagerize. Best way to read a blog EVER!! All you have to do is scroll it will auto-load the next page (works great with Google search results too!) No clicking Next, Next, Next, Next... etc.

#9. AdThwart. --Are you sensing a pattern? Someone here doesn't like advertisements. Now, I understand that ads are what make the net so free, but for me, it is just clutter, I will NEVER buy something I see in an ad (at least not by clicking the link), so the only people that make money are direct advertisers (people posting ads about their OWN products), because affiliate links will NEVER pay if they depend on me (I don't click ad links, period!).

#10. Image Preview. Image Preview opens links to image files (jpeg, png, gif, etc) and YouTube videos in a sleek lightbox rather than in a new tab or window. So it's easy to click a picture or video and not have to load a whole page to view it.

#11. RSS Subscription Extension (by Google). This extension auto-detects RSS feeds on the page you are reading and upon finding one will display an RSS icon in the Omnibox, allowing you to click on it to preview the feed content and subscribe. The extension comes with 4 feed readers predefined (Google Reader, iGoogle, Bloglines and My Yahoo) but also allows you to add any web-based feed reader of your choice to the list. Makes subscribing to my friends blogs as simple as clicking a button.

#12. Google Mail Checker. So you know, before you go. Or something cool like that (I get my Gmail through the Novell GroupWise email client, I can add as many other mailboxes (IMAP/POP3) as I like, and it will check them periodically for me, but sometimes it's nice to see the messages in my browser.

#13. Clickable Links. Hopefully self-explanatory :)

#14. Google Voice (by Google). Because I don't SMS on my phone, I SMS on Google Voice, it will alert me in my browser when someone texts (or leaves a voicemail), and lets me call numbers from my browser (Google Voice calls me, then connects me to the number I put in the dial-box).

#15. Bubble Translate. Most of you probably don't need this, but since my wife is Norwegian (and I don't speak the language), and I'm friends with most of her family/extended-family on Facebook, occasionally I like to know what they are writing without having to call my wife over to translate for me. Simply Highlight the text, and press the button, the translation pops up over the text in a nice bubble.

#16. IE Tab. Some pages don't run in Chrome (because stupid web-developers that rely on ActiveX, etc), and this also fixes one big flaw in Chrome (No Print-Preview). Press the IE Tab button and you can go to windows Update, or do a print preview (ie 7/8 have a great print preview that lets you adjust the scale--to save paper --that's the main reason why I use this extension)

#17. Flashblock. Allows ME to decide if I want some flash applet playing in my browser or not. (you can always allow Flash on certain pages by pressing CTL+SHIFT+F or something, so some sites get the A-OK, like Hulu).

#18. Notifer for Google Wave. For those that actually USE Google Wave, this handy little extension keeps you apprised of new feeds, etc.

#19. Google Translate. For those times that you need to translate and ENTIRE webpage, this extension will do it automatically.

#20. --What are YOUR favorite Google Chrome Extensions??

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